Denver Diva Dispatch for Sunday

I have a few minutes before we head upstairs for the Arizona-Washington-Oregon delegation reception.   It’s a tradition for these 3 states to hang out at the DNC together so I’m looking forward to meeting some peeps from the Great Northwest. The big event tonight was a celebration to recognize various Katrina relief organizations.   There was […]

Democratic women of Arizona are HOT, according to Elle Magazine (Part II)

Donna mentioned this article a few blog entries ago, and now I’m adding the link for you to read it yourself. Of course, you probably already purchased your 600-page copy of the September issue and have it proudly displayed on your coffee table, right? Women in Politics – Elle style

Denver Diva Dispatch #2. Saturday night.

Mark and I met up with a fellow couple of AZ delegates and hit the town.  Lots of people on the streets who are clearly here for the Convention.  But our shuttle driver back to the hotel tells us that it’s nothing like what they’re expecting from tomorrow on.  50,000 people are expected to descend […]

First Diva dispatch from Denver

Hi all!  I’m writing from the Hyatt Regency Tech Center, sipping my non-fat latte while Mark reads the paper.  I stepped outside for a bit and it’s a lovely sunny day with a temp of about 70.   We had a good flight yesterday and then a shuttle ride to the hotel that was almost as long […]

Some local stuff before I go all Convention-al on y’all – Channel 12 will no longer give Arpaio free campaign spots

I’m already here in Denver, comfortably ensconsed in my Divalicious digs at the Hyatt Regency.   I’ll get into that later but I wanted to pass on something cool that was passed on to me.  Someone put the bug in my delicate ear that KPNX Channel 12 will give Dan Saban equal time to respond whenever Joe […]

Obama releases scathingly brilliant attack ad. Predictably, the McCain camp goes into full whine mode.

The Smackdown:  Obama thoroughly nails McCain for his cluelessness on most people’s economic reality.    The Response Part I:  McCain spokeman ignores the four fingers pointing back at his own candidate to alert the media that Barack Obama lives in a frickin’ mansion too!  “It’s a frickin’ mansion… Response Part II: Enter the convenient red […]

Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Update:  The official word is that Congresswoman Tubbs Jones has passed away.   RIP Stephanie.    The news reports say she may or may not have passed away at this point, but she was found in her car unconscious Tuesday night after it veered off a road in Cleveland.,2933,406742,00.html Tubbs Jones was the first black woman […]

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