A hundred grand would buy a lot of diapers or prenatal checkups.

25 Sep 2008 09:31 pm
Posted by: Donna

The Arizona Advocacy Network Foundation has helpfully provided a review of the 2008 ballot measures. There are pro and con arguments on each one and they list major donors on either side.

I was startled to read that a major contributor to the constitutional ban on gay marriage initiative is Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix. They chipped in $100,000. How, precisely, stopping Adam and Steve from being able to visit each other in the hospital or pass on benefits saves unborn babies is a mystery to me but I’m sure the good folks over at the Centers have some explanation as to how it fits in with their overarching mission:

CPC is a non-profit, life-affirming ministry whose mission is “saving lives and protecting futures.” Our goal is to impact the community by offering programs and services that boldly speak the truth in love while offering choices, support, and hope.

Okay. I’m still not seeing why hating on gays is a necessary element toward acheiving that goal. I’m also dumbfounded at how lucrative the crisis pregnancy business appears to be. The next anti-choice knucklehead who tries that bogus line of bull on me about Planned Parenthood raking in the profits is going to get this thrown in his face. Planned Parenthood of Arizona sure as heck doesn’t have 100K worth of cheddar to throw at ballot initiatives that don’t have anything to do with family planning.

A donation of that size from a nonprofit organization whose nominal, and practical, goal is encouraging women to carry their unplanned pregnancies to term seems incredibly incongruous. Surely, they have better things to do with that money. Things that directly relate to running crisis pregnancy centers that (ostensibly) stop abortions from happening. Perhaps they didn’t read this part in argument #4 of the Yes on 102 side:

…The losers would be the children who must endure the selfish desires of adults.

EDIT: I can’t stop ruminating on this and I wanted to know how Crisis Pregnancy Centers gets funded because I know that some of those places get federal funds. Turns out CPC of Phoenix does not get any tax payer money. They rely solely on the contributions of “individuals such as yourself!”, per this website about an upcoming Walk For Life. Walk For Life?? I’d call that a bit of false advertising. Walk To Use Donor’s Money To Insert Ourselves Into Whatever Issue We Decide To would be more accurate.

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  1. Comment by Lauren on November 30, 2008 4:02 pm

    Wow, this is some good sleuthing! I’m the project coordinator of CPC Watch, a new web-based organization and resource about deceptive ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ that’s grassroots and pro-reproductive justice. (see site!) And I was of course both shocked and not at all shocked to see this. And I agree with you, that sure is a lot of money that could help, oh I don’t know, how many thousands of women get through a difficult pregnancy? Great work here.

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