“I was taught to see racism only in individual acts of meanness, not in invisible systems conferring dominance on my group”

That’s the subtitle to a pivotal article by Peggy McIntosh, who in the late 80s while working as a researcher on women’s studies, sought to develop a better understanding of white privilege and male privilege. Her work led her to write White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, which you can read here, along with a […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: The Renewable Power Hour on KPHX.

This is a new show on 1480 KPHX. What could be more important than power? The Soviet Russian astronomer, Nikolai Kardashev laid this out quite beautifully in 1964 when he described civilization’s level of technological advancement by their energy use. Right now, Earthlings are still burning dinobits to warm their homes and we are not […]

Ignorance is strength, and bliss, for Arizona Republicans on health care.

Wow. Although the maintenance-of-effort requirement has been part of the legislation since Dec. 19, Brewer apparently did not become aware of this funding issue until Monday, when she was contacted by a Democratic state representative. One of the things I like about the health care bill is the Medicaid expansion. Raising the eligibility to 133% […]

When they shriek of “baby killers”, realize they aren’t talking about the babies who have been born.

So the health care bill passed and I’ll have a post about that soon (along with the ones I’ve promised about immigration and other topics), but I wanted to address Gov. Brewer’s statement that she plans to join other states in a lawsuit against the bill. The federal health reform plan would expand Medicaid, mandate […]

Is Trent Franks smarter than a 5th grader? I think not.

I’m watching the Congressional hearings on CSPAN while doing other things, only half paying attention for the most part. But a few minutes ago Trent Franks was introduced to make remarks so of course I stopped what I was doing because Trent always brings his own special kind of crazy to everything he does. He […]

A couple of additional comments about the Tea Party thing before I call it a night.

1. Originally, Jason Williams and Republican candidates John Huppenthal and Margaret Dugan were supposed to speak. Dugan cancelled last week, citing a scheduling conflict. Huppenthal cancelled at the last minute, ceding to Jason the entire allotted time. Not going to speculate on why the Republicans would want to miss a Tea Party event. It’s interesting, […]

Liveblogging the Scottsdale Tea Party.

6:54: Don’t ask…That’s where I am. My broadband connection took for freaking ever so the meeting’s already 10 minutes in progress. We’ve had the prayer, the pledge, introductions, and now a discussion about health reform is in progress. The facilitator suggested that people lie about their address when contacting Congresscritters whose districts they aren’t in. […]

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