Foreigners are good enough to fund Jan Brewer’s reelection campaign but not to file briefs to the court about SB1070

Really, Jan? In a campaign stunt motion to the 9th Circuit Court, Governor Brewer feigned indignation that foreign countries were filing friend of the court briefs in the SB1070 lawsuit and demanded that they be stopped. “As do many citizens, I find it incredibly offensive that these foreign governments are using our court system to […]

Tuesday Energy Blogging: Blog for Arizona did it so I didn’t have to.

I’m exhausted, y’all. Long day exacerbated by having to drive long distances post The Epic Sideways Raining And Hail Wrath Of God storm that hit the Valley this afternoon. Thank you David Safier for doing a post on what I’d planned to blog about and doing it more capably than I could do right now. […]

Rick Sanchez got fired. Ben Quayle got endorsed.

Yes, I realize their situations don’t exactly parallel each other. Still, do you think if Ben Quayle had helped to start and contributed to a website that viciously denigrated a different group of people than women that the Arizona Republic endorsement would most likely have turned out differently? I do.

I called it a few days ago.

Remember how I predicted the Republic would endorse Jan Brewer? Despite her unfortunate speaking gaffes and troubling lobbyist ties, Jan Brewer brings the right mix of pragmatism and folksyness to the Governor’s office. We are confident she will capably ride herd over the strong personalities in the Legislature and drive Arizona in a positive direction. […]

Can we just consider them a hate group now?

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce, that is. Here’s Glenn Hamer wanting to deny sick and suffering people a bit of respite from their pain: The Republic got it right on Sunday with its editorial calling for the defeat of Proposition 203 (“Just say ‘no’ to medical pot”). The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry is […]

Oh no, it’s not about racism at all.

So stop saying that.

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