Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children??!?

08 Mar 2011 10:27 pm
Posted by: Donna

Fear not. Republican Arizona legislators care about the children.

The children of Paradise Valley and other affluent enclaves, I mean. Per Monsieur Fischer of Capital Media Services:

State senators voted Tuesday to let Arizonans divert even more of what they owe in taxes to instead help send children to private and parochial schools.

And they rejected anything to link that help to family income.

The voice vote came over the objections of some Democrats who questioned the idea of taking funds that would otherwise wind up in the state treasury and instead use them to pay tuition and fees at these private schools.

Sen. Rick Murphy, R-Glendale, said the legislation simply provides more choices for more parents.

He also rejected the claim that system undermines the state treasury. Murphy said the amount of the average scholarship financed by these tax credits is far less than what Arizona provides for each student attending public school.

You don’t say, Senator! You also don’t say that the average tax credit scholarship is a lot less than the average private school tuition. Which means that it’s useless to most middle and working class families in Arizona.

Schapira said if the state insists on keeping the program — and even expanding it — there should be some limits. He proposed a new requirement that allows the funds to go only to those who meet certain income requirements.

Under his plan, that would put the cutoff for a family of three at about $62,700 a year.

Murphy objected, saying that a hard and fast income cap does not take into account all the things that determine whether a family is truly financially needy.

“You could have somebody who is above that level who has some dire financial circumstances, health issues in the family,” he said. Anyway, Murphy continued, he sees no problem with providing the help even to those who are “well off” so they can send their children to private or parochial schools.

“The taxpayers already pay for all of the education dollars for lots and lots of rich families,” he said. “They do it through the public school system. And there’s no reason that we should differentiate in this particular case.”

Can I get an Amen! Do you guys know how hard it is to be a baller in Scottsdale these days? McMansion and strip mall values down like four flat tires and Skippy’s private school tuition is due. What kind of Hardhearted Hannah would begrudge members of the deserving overclass of a little hand up to help those worthy families educate their important progeny?

But you know who’s REALLY milking the system? I’ll tell you who. It’s those households making $20K a year, luxuriating on that “health care” provided to them by Medicaid. Time to give them the heave-ho, amirite Senator Murphy? Oh sure, some would say those families have “dire financial circumstances, health issues in the family”. But some who say that would be bleeding heart socialists who think this state is made of money or something. We have priorities in Arizona and those priorities do not include children who didn’t have the good sense to be born to rich parents.

Arizona Republican legislators: Thinking of the children. The children who matter.

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