Why are GOP legislators and the Governor so intractable on transplant funding?

16 Mar 2011 10:54 pm
Posted by: Donna

Tonight the AZ Senate refused yet again to fund treatment for 96 transplant patients who had been previously approved for it. Several groups came forward with strategies to pay for the operations that wouldn’t add to the state deficit. This seems ridiculously counterintuitive for Arizona Republicans. Why are they willing to die on this particular hill, PR-wise?

My theory is that the transplant patients represent a camel’s nose in the tent. If they fund the transplants, then the next thing you know people will demand maintenance of Medicaid funding for poor diabetics. And cancer patients. And dental care, since a rotten tooth can kill you. Eventually you’re talking about preserving the current Arizona Medicaid program in its entirety because, you know, it saves people’s lives. And we can’t have that.

When Republicans told you they were “pro-life” you didn’t think that meant people who were born already?

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