America’s Toughest Governor!

01 Nov 2011 08:17 pm
Posted by: Donna


Tough tough tough! So tough, she can call a special session to unseat the independent Chair of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission from New York City, where she is slinging her ghostwritten hagiography Scorpions For Breakfast. Sure, she safely avoided having to answer questions from the “liberal media” here in AZ about this latest move against the AIRC, but stop calling her yeller because Governor Brewer bravely fielded queries about Arizona’s immigration law on commie MSNBC!!

Oh wait, it was on Morning Joe, but whatever, shut up!

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Governor Brewer feels the AIRC’s work is a most egregious offense against the Arizona Constitution, public confidence, and integrity. Still, it’s apparently not important enough to the Governor to pry herself from her book tour in NYC to come back here and lead the charge to save Arizona’s democracy from the grasping clutches of competitive districts. I guess she has her priorities.

Still, it was famed the superannuated action star Chuck Norris who suggested the title for Brewer’s bound-for-the-dollar-bin autobiography. Chuck Norris doesn’t do push-ups, he does “Earth downs”. So, I have to concede one toughness point to Brewer.

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