Corporation Commissioner: Hey wow, I LOVE being a puppet of the legislature!

The Arizona Corporation Commission is an independent branch of the state government, enshrined into existence by Article 15 of the state constitution. The Commission is responsible for regulating utilities, securities, and corporate entities registered in Arizona. But all that independent authority is apparently too much of a burden for Commissioner Gary Pierce, who wants to […]

Seriously, could they be any more obvious about it?

State Senator Lori Klein, who likes to brandish her pink pistol at the Capitol at unsuspecting reporters, is deeply concerned about today’s public school teachers. Many of whom are apparently frustrated standup comics busting out “The Aristocrats” on the tender ears of grade schoolers on such a regular basis nowadays that it has become necessary […]

And if they’re going to be consistent about this moral exemption thing

I was trying to find a religion or common interest group with a position that was as diametrically opposed as possible to that of religions that forbid contraception to make a point. I thought about using the Shakers for my analogy but there are only three elderly members left. Belief systems that don’t allow their […]

You can’t win, ladies

So there was all this brouhaha going on about birth control coverage last week, with conservatives pretending their opposition to it was based on “religious freedom” or some such hooha. And the problem, supposedly, was that religious institutions were going to have to pay for harlots getting their sex pills uh I mean medical services […]

They can’t complain about “extremism” when they don’t bother to show up in the face of it

This past Monday the AZ Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on SB1474, the “guns on campus” bill, which would allow concealed weapons to be carried on Arizona college campuses. My dear friend Jennifer Longdon testified against it. She had expected to get 5 minutes to speak but it was shortened to 3 minutes due […]

Time to admit it: Anti-contraception hyperventilating is all about sex

Those of us who have paid attention to anti-choice politics for years have been warning everyone that they are after birth control in addition to legalized abortion but some alleged “liberals” (looking at you, EJ Dionne and Chris Matthews) still refuse to accept it. The right wing freak out about mandated birth control coverage in […]

The specious sob stories behind the attack on Clean Elections

Yesterday the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee moved SCR 1021 forward, which would put a referendum to overturn Clean Elections on the ballot. It would be called, misleadingly, the “No Taxpayer Subsidies for Political Campaigns Act”. Polling shows that public support for Clean Elections is high but the impetus for getting rid of it comes from […]

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