Well, now we’ve gone and done it. Cathi Herrod is mad at us.

16 Mar 2012 09:31 pm
Posted by: Donna

This week’s Center for Arizona Policy “5 Minutes for Families” update features Cathi Herrod in high dudgeon.

What a week. I don’t know if I’ve ever witnessed such baseless and false attacks on CAP-supported bills as I saw this week. While I understand that it may be more entertaining for some to blatantly lie about legislation, the people deserve to know the truth.

Haters be hatin’ on all this faith-filled and freedom-licious CAP legislation.

So I’m going to clear a few things up about CAP-supported bills and other issues that have been misconstrued in the press and liberal blogs this week.

Definitely read the whole thing yourself for the awesome indignant whining, particularly when she snivels about Sen. David Schapira’s anti-bullying bill. Then Cathi’s post takes a cheerier, and hilarious, turn into porn:

Pornographers coming to Arizona? – Several of you have written me recently about the California pornography industry threatening to come to Arizona because of new regulations in Los Angeles.

What wasn’t mentioned is the huge roadblock in their way: filming pornography in Arizona violates our prostitution laws.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery sent a clear message to pornographers this week when he released a statement explaining how virtually all of those involved in pornography could be subject to felony charges.

You know, with all this crazy furor over birth control going on, I hadn’t paid much attention to the porn story. But the CAP crowd can multitask, especially when worked up into a froth over slut pills and dirty movies.


  1. Comment by Diane D'Angelo on March 16, 2012 9:39 pm

    She is sooooo full of it. And BTW, if anyone has an “activist agenda” (oooh! Scawwy!), it’s Cathi Herrod.

  2. Comment by Timmys Cat on March 17, 2012 2:42 pm

    Damn you, you liberals!

    You went and got St. Cathi of Herrod so upset she forgot to wrap herself in the American flag before she nailed herself to the cross.
    O the humanity!

    Otay, I called it. Yoo hoo, St. Cathi, pathology is not the study of hiking trails. Abortion, birth pills, gay school kids, bosses in the bedroom, and now porno. Lady, your behaviour is raising more flags than the Cardinals offense.

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