Debbie Lesko makes lots of new friends on Facebook

19 Mar 2012 01:29 am
Posted by: Donna

Rep. Debbie Lesko, sponsor of the now-infamous No Slut Pills If Your Boss Doesn’t Approve bill, HB2625, doesn’t care for the criticism she’s getting. She took to Facebook to complain about it.

Lesko facebook

She got tons of feedback! Over 450 comments so far and only 2 in favor. One supporter, former AZ House of Representatives candidate Jon Altmann, has some helpful advice for the ladies:

facebook comment 4

Thanks, Jon! No, really. Thanks to another “pro-lifer” for making it all too obvious where his dirty mind is.

Here’s a sampling of the hundreds of negative comments:

facebook comment 2

facebook cmment 3

facebook comment 5

facebook comment 6

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