Looks like women don’t support that war on themselves too much, Bob Robb.

01 Apr 2012 09:11 pm
Posted by: Donna

Oh my, they are worried.

It’s from March 25th but Robert Robb’s column in the Republic that day perfectly illustrates the Republican angst over their nosedive with women voters. Robb put on his brave game face and boldly claimed that Democrats are exaggerating and deliberately stirring up this “alleged GOP war on women”. He warned them against pursuing it by citing an outlier NYT/CBS poll bandied about by right wingers for the past month to prove that most ladies in America are really copacetic with their employers denying them contraception coverage due to their religious objections.

That said, supporting an opt-out for Catholic institutions, thus requiring women who work for them to buy their own contraceptives, doesn’t amount to much of a “war” on women. In fact, according to a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, women support such an opt-out by a strong margin, 53 percent to 38 percent.

So, do a majority of women support a war on themselves? Or do Democrats have a distorted view of women and their political beliefs?

So, Pew Research found that women opposed allowing religious institutions to opt out of the contraception mandate by 48 to 42%, with a full 53% of women 18-49 years old saying that religious institutions (not just bosses with religious objections but actual churches and organizations with a religious mission) should be mandated to cover contraception. And the conservative position that birth control coverage is a matter of religious conscience got positively spanked in a recent Bloomberg poll, with 70% of women saying that contraception in employer-sponsored health was a matter of women’s health, not religion. Someone’s got a distorted view of how the Republican position on birth control is playing out with women but, at least according to the latest Gallup poll, it doesn’t look like it’s the Democrats.

In the fifth Swing States survey taken since last fall, Obama leads Republican front-runner Mitt Romney 51%-42% among registered voters just a month after the president had trailed him by two percentage points.

The biggest change came among women under 50. In mid-February, just under half of those voters supported Obama. Now more than six in 10 do while Romney’s support among them has dropped by 14 points, to 30%. The president leads him 2-1 in this group…

…In the poll, Romney leads among all men by a single point, but the president leads among women by 18. That reflects a greater disparity between the views of men and women than the 12-point gender gap in the 2008 election.


  1. Comment by Timmys Cat on April 2, 2012 11:45 am

    As often is the case in politics, the accusation reveals more about the accuser than the accused.

    O my.

    * At the state level, the claim of a “war on women” is based on two measures making their way through the Legislature.

    See you silly liberals, that’s all.

  2. Comment by Timmys Cat on April 2, 2012 12:11 pm

    Dang posted too soon

    So, do a majority of women support a war on themselves? Or do Democrats have a distorted view of women and their political beliefs?

    See! See! These questions prove that…….um.

    Robb Fog! Throw out a bunch of stats ,a few inflammatory exclamations and a patronizing jab here and there and you have a typical too little to late institutional winger. column.
    Robb is conducting a War on Words!
    He writes ’em. Most everyone skips over most of them until the smug but reassuring finale that the Republicans know best.
    “Hard stuff ‘splained the way you wanna hear it.”

  3. Comment by Mike Slater on April 2, 2012 12:52 pm

    Oh the horror of women having to pay for their own contraceptives. It’s not the liberal way.

  4. Comment by Donna on April 2, 2012 5:51 pm

    Gender discrimination is a horror and that’s what denial of contraception in employer health care is.

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