Penzone Money Bomb

17 Sep 2012 10:30 am
Posted by: Donna

Hi kids,

Paul Penzone needs our help to get elected Maricopa County Sheriff in November. A recent poll shows him a mere 5 points down from incumbent Joe Arpaio. “Paul is our best chance yet to end Arpaio’s failed 20-year reign as Sheriff. Paul served our community for 21 years as a decorated lawman, including running the Silent Witness program and working to put drug traffickers, murderers behind bars. He has the perfect background and expertise to clean up the mess that Joe Arpaio has created in the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office,” says Penzone’s campaign, and I agree. Arpaio is currently running nauseating ads featuring grateful former meth addicts and claims of his prowess at collecting child support.

So Penzone needs money to counter Arpaio’s spin. Today we’re doing what’s called a “money bomb”. Everyone who realizes that Arpaio is a terrible sheriff who is incompetent at his job and an embarrassment to Arizona needs to go here: Penzone 2012. On the left, you’ll see our candidate Paul Penzone talking pensively to some lady. On the right you’ll see a big red button that says “donate”. We need you to click on that and donate. The individual limit is $430 but whatever you can contribute is appreciated. KTHXBAI

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