The key to statewide victories for Democrats?

Provocative query from one of my Tweeps the other night: Question for AZDems in coming weeks: if dream candidate @CarmonaForAZ can’t get over 47% in decent year, can any Dem win statewide? I responded, glumly, that maybe they wouldn’t as long as Dems accept having lower registration numbers than independents in this state. But I’ve […]

Partisan politics intrudes in non-partisan school overrides

Some of the winners in this year’s elections have to be the number crunching nerds whose models and analysis accurately predicted the outcomes of countless races. As a scientist and a proud nerd, who bases just about everything on reliable data and verifiable facts, I am encouraged enough by this outcome to write my first […]

Unpacking the election

As in 2008, last night was a bittersweet night for Arizona progressives. A Presidential victory and good Senate race outcome nationwide but not so much here. Let’s take on some of the bitter first: Dr. Rich Carmona’s loss to Congressman Jeff Flake wasn’t surprising since he was behind in the polls, but it was a […]

Possibly the most important race in Arizona

And the vast majority of Arizonans have no idea who these people are or what they do. I am speaking, of course, about the Arizona Corporation Commission. This is a 5 member elected branch of the state government that has independent power to shape our energy policy. In 2006, under the leadership of a pro-renewable […]

Good to know the Maricopa County Attorney has nothing better to do than insert himself into the CD9 race

Sonaran Alliance posted an Arizona GOP press release demanding that Democratic CD9 candidate Kyrsten Sinema release a list of her criminal defense clients. I’m not going to link to it but if you’re curious you can find it on your own. Normally I would ignore it as the sort of last-minute flop sweat of Vernon […]

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