Wherein I will be exposed to some serious “both sides do it” treatment

01 Feb 2013 08:04 am
Posted by: Donna

I’m attending “the first in a series of Community Conversations presented by Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and The Arizona Republic, designed to bring depth and context to topics of interest to Arizonans” this morning. I’m getting a free ticket, since I’m an AZ Voices blogger. Thanks!

Judging from what’s on the roster (from the itinerary email):

Welcome and introductions, Cronkite First Amendment Forum, Bob Robb, Arizona Republic columnist

Cronkite Dean Christopher Callahan interviews Leonard Downie Jr.,former editor of The Washington Post, on the evolution of political coverage, followed by Q&A, Cronkite First Amendment Forum

Arizona Republic Columnist Robert Robb conducts an interview with former U.S. Senator and Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl on political coverage, followed by Q & A, Cronkite Theater

Susan Page, Washington Bureau Chief of USA Today, gives keynote on current national political coverage, followed by Q & A, Cronkite Theater

“Tales from the Trail” panel with Republic Columnists E.J. Montini and Laurie Roberts and Political Cartoonist Steve Benson, followed by Q & A, Cronkite Theater

I’m expecting the discussion will revolve around the “extremism on both sides”. Both sides! You don’t really think Jon Kyl is going to admit his party is causing all the problems, do you?


  1. Comment by Timmys Cat on February 1, 2013 4:51 pm

    Ooooooo Robbity Robb brown nos…um interviews Kyl! Watch kiddies and you can learn how a pundit plays softball with a politician.

    During the QA puuuuhlleeeeeze ask Kyl why he felt the need to stab an old dyed in the wool Republican in the back? Bob Dole left the hospital in a wheelchair to help get votes for the disability bill and Kyl slapped him down with his no vote.
    It really would be interesting what his excuse would be.

    And too plus pleez ask Laurie (if you order now we’ll send two GOP…..) Roberts if she really honestly believes the best thing for AZ is the GOP, just not the ones that embarrass her.

    You crazy kids behave yourselves at that wild party.

  2. Comment by Eli Blake on February 2, 2013 10:46 am

    I know, Donna.

    Can you imagine interviewing an applicant for the CEO of a company who said that (s)he doesn’t believe in the company or what it is trying to do, doesn’t trust the people who work there now, believes that it is inevitable that the company will fail or perform poorly at any task it takes on, thinks the company should be dismantled and shrunk to the point where it is only making the products or providing the services it did when it was founded decades or perhaps centuries ago and should not try to figure out the needs of its customers and set prices accordingly?

    That’s exactly what we do when we hire Republicans to run the government, when they say publically that they are against government..

    That isn’t to say that there is not a place in government for those who are critical of it, to call attention to its excesses and inefficiencies, or to suggest ways to fix those things. But Republicans are best suited to do that as a minority party, not a governing party because they have proven themselves incapable of sound governance.

  3. Comment by Mike Slater on February 4, 2013 1:59 pm

    Timmys Cat, speaking of pundits plays softball with politicians did you happen to watch the interview Steve Croft did with Obama and Hilliary Clinton?

    Talk about softball questions.

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