Lila Rose is coming to town!

01 Jun 2013 07:28 pm
Posted by: Donna

If you don’t know who she is, here’s a brief introduction:

Rose was raised in San Jose, California, the third of eight children of an engineer at Sun Microsystems.[1] She was home-schooled through to the end of high school, and was a history major at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).[1] Rose was raised Protestant and converted to Catholicism.[6]

Rose founded the pro-life group Live Action when she was 15 and continued her activism at UCLA.[7] Rose has attended workshops at the conservative, non-profit Leadership Institute.[3] In 2009, as an invited speaker at the Values Voters Summit, she suggested that abortions should be performed in the public square until the “public tired of seeing them and did away with the injustice altogether.”

So she’s nice. Rose is a pal of James O’Keefe, a conservative operative famous for smearing liberal organizations and people by secretly videotaping them and then deceptively editing the videos. Rose does the same thing with Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics. Hopefully soon she’ll mess up and meet the same legal fate O’Keefe has.

As you might imaginge, Rose is a national anti-choice hero. So of course the Center for Arizona Policy is aflutter with excitement that Lila will be appearing at a rally in Phoenix on Thursday.

CAP – Live Action Rally

Family Planning Associates Medical Group 1331 N 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ

Stop the Killing Rally
June 6th, 2013 @ 12:00 p.m.

Live Action and Center for Arizona Policy will be hosting a rally outside of the Phoenix abortion clinic, Family Planning Associates, to discuss the findings of Live Action’s latest investigation into the abortion industry. We will come together with state lawmakers to call for true protection and empowerment of women.

Speakers include:
Lila Rose, Live Action
Cathi Herrod, Center for Arizona Policy
Melanie Pritchard, Foundation for Life and Love
Vanessa Tedesco, Silent No More

Click here to RSVP for the Rally!
RSVP’s are not required to attend.

Rose’s “investigation” is a pile of made-up hooey involving a pregnant woman going undercover to a Phoenix clinic and asking what would happen in the event of a fetus being “born alive” during an abortion. It’s a scenario about as likely as me voting for Trent Franks.

Rose’s vision of protection and empowerment of women came to the fore recently when a Huffington Post reporter asked about the case of the Salvadoran woman known only as Beatriz, who is facing death due to pregnancy complications in a country where abortion is nearly completely illegal.

…But Lila Rose, president of the anti-abortion activist group Live Action, said the case has not convinced her that abortion should be allowed under any circumstances.

“We can do better than pitting the life of a mother against her child,” she told The Huffington Post in an interview on Friday. “Abortions are never medically necessary. Some doctors prescribe abortion as if it’s a treatment for a disease or a problem, but that’s not a solution a truly compassionate and just society should turn to.”

Rose is a 24 year old with no medical expertise that I’m aware of and when presented with evidence that, despite medical advances, women can and do die from giving birth, Lila does the predictable anti-choice sidestep of shifting the discussion to something else. In this case she employs a twisted kind of utilitarianism to justify allowing some unfortunate women to die rather than allowing them to terminate a pregnancy.

Rose said the consequences of abortion are worse than the consequences of requiring women to continue their pregnancies. “Think about what a late-term abortion does to a woman,” she said. “We can do better than pitting the life of a mother against her child.”

Isn’t that special? I’m planning to observe the event and maybe I’ll catch one of the legislators there to ask if they agree with Rose on the Beatriz case. Because I’m guessing a lot, if not all of them, agree with her. Even if they don’t, the lip service they pay to exceptions for the life of the mother don’t mean much anyway. Put another way, imagine facing death from your pregnancy going awry and the person in charge of deciding if you get one of those abortion exceptions is someone like Lila Rose. If she makes a mistake, she gets to bury it (you).

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