Anti-choice AZ GOP legislators continue to promote idea that women don’t really ever pay for anything, refuse to protect doctors’ personal info

20 Feb 2015 02:41 am
Posted by: Donna

Sen. Barto was gloating about SB1318 passing the Senate on Thursday afternoon. Here’s Sen. Kelli Ward (R) echoing the “pay for it yourselves, floozies” canard:

What neither Senator cares to acknowledge is that taxpayers had nothing to do with the provision in 1318 that disallows coverage of abortion in any health care exchange plan offered in the state, even if a woman opts to purchase a separate rider with her own damn floozy money. Of course, as I’ve explained before, the idea of women earning money in jobs and paying insurance premiums appears to be incomprehensible to anti-choicers.

The other part of SB1318 requires abortion doctors to submit documentation that they have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

We all know doctors being harassed and threatened is a feature, not a bug, of this program. Let’s not forget how the director of AZ NARAL got threatened with a surprise inspection of her home recently, thanks to a law passed last year. In case there’s any doubt of their intentions:

Oh, and it took a floor amendment to exclude women whose lives or health are endangered by the pregnancy, or who have been raped, from the ban on coverage:

Anti-choicers were really going to deny a woman with life threatening pregnancy complications insurance coverage for the termination, which could run into several thousands of dollars depending upon how difficult the operation might be. Chew on that. And again, this was even if she had paid entirely for all her insurance premiums out of her own pocket.

Oh wait, no, she could not possibly have done that since women are utterly dependent upon “taxpayers” (a group that does not include women of childbearing age, apparently) for all our reproductive health care needs, according to anti-choicers. Our money is just play money.

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