Birth Control Blog Day!

21 Jul 2011 03:55 pm
Posted by: Donna

The National Women’s Law Center is asking bloggers to post about the awesomeness of birth control and preventive screenings for women on July 21. I’m happy to oblige, of course, and this comes on the heels of the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation that the US mandate birth control coverage as preventative medicine, and therefore free of out-of-pocket cost to patients. This is eminently sensible since a large percentage of pregnancies are unintended and many women cite the expense of contraception as a reason for difficulty and getting it and using it consistently.

But of course the anti-choice movement, proving for the approximately 5367924th time that it’s not really about “life”, responded quickly and in vehement disagreement to the notion that women should be able to avoid pregnancy.

“I strongly oppose the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation today,” Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, said in a written statement. “Pregnancy is not a disease, and fertility is not a pathological condition to be suppressed by any means technically possible.”

For some the debate comes down to what type of contraception would be covered.

Jeanne Monahan, director of Family Research Council’s Center for Human Dignity, takes issue that the plan will also cover the morning-after pills such as Ella and Plan B . Many Americans are against abortion, so forcing them to pay for a plan that covers emergency contraception may violate their beliefs. “A federal mandate to all insurance plans to include drugs such as Ella essentially would mandate coverage for abortion,” she said in a statement. Mandating coverage of such drugs would violate the principles of conscience rights laws,” Monahan added.

Monahan is playing the pretend-contraception-is-abortion game (it is not) while Cardinal DiNardo is straight up calling for women to be barefoot and pregnant full-time. A Fox News contributor thinks everyone should just knock it off with the sex already.

CHILDERS: Sandy, I’ll give you the final word on this.

RIOS: Cheap little fee for birth control? We’re $14 trillion in debt. Spoken like a true feminist who makes no sense. You are a disgrace to our gender. I don’t understand feminism. It’s wacky. It makes no sense.

LONDON: Oh, so let’s just stay barefoot and pregnant and have no choice.

RIOS: We can’t afford it. Women have to stop having irresponsible sex. That’s not too much to ask.

LONDON: So we pay for Viagra but not birth control.

RIOS: So you — we want to encourage them — well, I’m not for that either. I’m totally against that, too.

CHILDERS: Yeah, not too much to ask for everyone to stop having irresponsible sex.

RIOS: Come on, we can’t afford it. And it is — let’s be responsible women.

CHILDERS: OK, I have to —

RIOS: Let’s stop making excuses and providing a way to get women out of trouble when they should be responsible in their behavior.

CHILDERS: Got to wrap it up there, got to wrap it up there.

LONDON: Yes, birth control is responsible.

CHILDERS: Thank you so much. And this is definitely a hot topic all over the country. And we appreciate your insight. Sandy Rios and Dr. London, thank you.

What Childers and Rios both don’t seem to understand is London’s point at the very end: The solution to “irresponsible sex” is contraception.

I’ve yet to see social conservatives go after Viagra with the ferocity with which they attack female-controlled contraception so I’m calling bull on that but Sandy Rios would fit right in with the conservative Republican caucus of the AZ legislature where contraception is concerned, at least based on some conversations I’ve been having lately. Speaking of the states, Planned Parenthood has a great information piece on state options for Medicaid programs to cover unplanned pregnancy prevention. Not that the chastity brigade currently in charge at our State Capitol is going to go for it but people should be aware that we could be doing a lot at the state level to save money and reduce the demand for abortion.


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    birth control pills…

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  2. Comment by Sarah on August 23, 2011 2:29 pm

    It’s an important issue that definately must be aired. The questions about birth pills and and possible abortion can be hard. Thank you.

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