Can you please not, The Left, with this?

Clintonism caused the rise of Trump. Another Clinton presidency will only make it worse. Lesser evil merely paves the way to greater evil. — Dr. Jill Stein (@DrJillStein) July 4, 2016 Every time Jill Stein opens her mouth I'm reminded how shoulder to shoulder LWNJs & RWNJs sit. Politics is a circle. — Jennifer […]

The Top Two blackmailing of AZ Democrats begins!

From the AZ Capitol Times comes this teaser for their January 12th edition of the Yellow Sheet: Top two and anti-dark money rolled into one By: Yellow Sheet Report January 12, 2016 , 4:18 pm The campaigns for dark money disclosure and a “top-two” style primary election system have officially joined forces under the aegis […]

They want it to be a jungle out there for voters

The year is new and, of course, the Top Two, AKA Jungle Primary people are very busy peddling their harebrained idea to gullible pundits. The latest to take the bait is Arizona Republic‘s Linda Valdez, who is arguably the most liberal member of the paper’s editorial board. Quoth Linda: First, you get rid of partisan […]

They all must look alike to Gov. Ducey

STATEMENT FROM GOVERNOR DOUG DUCEY PHOENIX – “Given the horrifying events in Paris last week, I am calling for an immediate halt in the placement of any new refugees in Arizona. As governor, I am invoking our state’s right under 8 USC, Section 1522 (a), to receive immediate consultation by federal authorities per the United […]

“It’s just a bunch of Mexican kids. Why should I pay for them?”

When the Governor drops by your office to say you "don't care about kids" if you don't vote yes on his flawed plan. — Steve Farley (@SteveFarleyAZ) October 29, 2015 There’s something that feels very inevitable about the way this Arizona school funding “settlement” is playing out. The plan ends a lawsuit filed by […]

It’s nice in the privileged bubble

Good story about our great state! — Doug Ducey (@dougducey) October 26, 2015 Governor Ducey (or someone on his staff), in a manner consistent with the forced sunnily optimistic tone of his administration, praised this story in the Weekly Standard about a couple from the East Coast, author and neoconservative think tank associate Cita […]

What Jim Webb considers to be the liberal equivalent of Donald Trump

A woman doing the exact same thing as Donald Trump did when he described Mexican immigrants as rapists, obviously Former Senator Jim Webb (D-VA), who announced his candidacy for US Presidency to the enthusiasm of literally no one, had scathing words for GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Per The Hill: “This kind of divisive, inflammatory […]

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