GOP majority = ALEC

Big kudos to my pal Robbie Sherwood for getting the goods on the recent lavish wine-and-dine of Republican legislators by corporate lobbyists at the pricey Biltmore-area steakhouse Donovan’s. CBS 5 – KPHO Even Laurie Roberts stopped swooning over “moderate Republicans” for a minute to express her dismay at this. Which is good, because if the […]

Women’s lives are not an olive branch for a truce in the culture wars

Imagine living in a country with same-sex marriage equality, legalized marijuana, and women of childbearing age relegated to ward-of-the-state status because abortion is banned and fertilized eggs have been granted legal status as human beings. If that seems a bit incongruous – a bit one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-others to you, then I hope you’re paying careful attention to […]

Clean Elections could not possibly have caused SB1062

This FiveThrirtyEight piece has been getting passed around by both opponents of Clean Elections operating in bad faith and by well-meaning people who think it’s legitimate because it’s on Nate Silver’s site. In 2010, Arizona enacted an immigration law so stringent that the U.S. Supreme Court was forced to intervene. Four years later, the governor […]

The “Managerial Republican” is mostly a fantasy

I will say that Ronald Brownstein’s recent column in the National Journal is a bit better than what we’ve been getting lately from the hordes of DC pundits attempting to analyze Arizona. In particular, I liked this bit at the end: After Arizona’s tax revenues plummeted with the housing market collapse, Brewer backed a temporary […]

Compromise: Another thing only really expected from one side.

Think Progress’s Judd Legum tweeted something that (deservedly) went viral on Wednesday because it so aptly described the government shutdown situation. As with the “tone-policing” I posted about recently, expectations of compromise in politics go down the same one-way street the expectations of politeness do – with all the compromising having to come from the […]

Unequal justice in Maricopa County is everywhere, even in Tent City

Hi all! I have a Very Special Memorial Day post for you guys. Investigative journalist and former US Senate candidate John Dougherty had this response to Friday’s announcement that a federal court has stripped the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to do immigration enforcement due to repeated civil rights violations and evidence of racial profiling: My […]

The crazy is strong in some Medicaid expansion opponents

Christine Bauserman, whose Facebook page proudly boasts all her conservative and Republican affiliations, believes that poor people getting health care in Arizona is a Marxist plot. She wrote a hilarious LTTE to the AZ Capitol Times about it. Just how desperate are Gov. Jan Brewer and political wizard Chuck Coughlin to force Obamacare on an […]