The crazy is strong in some Medicaid expansion opponents

Christine Bauserman, whose Facebook page proudly boasts all her conservative and Republican affiliations, believes that poor people getting health care in Arizona is a Marxist plot. She wrote a hilarious LTTE to the AZ Capitol Times about it. Just how desperate are Gov. Jan Brewer and political wizard Chuck Coughlin to force Obamacare on an […]

Square Off!

Taped Sunday Square Off this morning. I was on the panel with David Leibowitz and Chip Scutari and the topics were Tom Horne’s legal troubles, Jeff Flake’s unpopularity, and the proposed Glendale casino (they always throw in one thing I’ve paid absolutely no attention to so thank you, Google, for helping me have something to […]

Adam Driggs: Another non-moderate “moderate” Republican

I blog and comment about the LD26 race in Tempe and the LD18 race in Ahwatukee/Chandler so often that one could be forgiven for thinking I still live on that side of town. The truth is I moved to North Central Phoenix nearly 3 years ago. Pre-redistricting, I was represented by Adam Driggs (R) in […]

The ever-ephemeral definition of “moderate” in Arizona

Sigh. Yet abortion and contraception issues dominated the public debate last legislative session, leaving plenty of voters scratching their heads and wringing their hands. Indeed, we need more moderate representation at the state Capitol, lawmakers who are more in tune with the needs and priorities of the people they represent. In District 18, that means […]

If you’re going to insist they’re “moderate” it would be nice if they were, you know, moderate

Back in 2011 when Mesa businessman Jerry Lewis was recruited to run against then Senate President Russell Pearce in the recall race for then LD18, he was generally described as a “conservative Republican” but nicer and not virulently anti-immigrant. Democrats were discouraged from running in the recall and the Democrat who did file was exposed […]

Jeff Flake has gotten a free pass on his radical wingnuttery for years and it’s at least partly liberals’ fault

Senate candidates Jeff Flake and Richard Carmona are running neck and neck in the latest poll, which is good news considering Flake was considered a shoo in only a few months ago. But honestly, Flake should be way behind Carmona, and part of the reason he isn’t is staring us in the mirror. Flake still […]

A humble suggestion for the next anti-SB1070 demonstration

If anyone who is anyone who organizes these things is paying attention: As I’ve belabored on this here blog innumerable times, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry went “neutral” on SB1070 in the early months of 2010, once language that would have made it easier to go after illegal employers was stripped from the […]