Persuasion vs Shaming

Screenshot: PostTV Last Friday evening a bunch of racist idiots thought it would be a great idea to hold a protest outside a Phoenix Mosque. Luckily, there was no violence (despite how heavily armed many of the anti-Islam protesters were) and something kind of wonderful happened: Jason Leger, a Phoenix resident wearing one of the […]

Bigots don’t necessarily take vows of poverty

Screenshot: Fusion TV Ann Coulter is one of those right wing demagogues with a high public profile who attracts a strange sort of – almost what you’d call a defense of her – that she’s just in it for the money! There’s a belief among many liberals that because she lives a cosmopolitan life split […]

Ducey’s cruel move on welfare continues the legacy of “reform”

This was seriously on the cover of the New Republic in 1996. Gotta love this headline and lede: Facing $1 billion deficit, Arizona sharply limits welfare PHOENIX (AP) — Facing a $1 billion budget deficit, Arizona’s Republican-led Legislature has reduced the lifetime limit for welfare recipients to the shortest window in the nation. Low-income families […]

Respectability and Baltimore

Much has been said about the protests in Baltimore following the death in police custody of 25 year old Freddie Gray and, of course, much of it is centered on how black people should better themselves so as to avoid deadly confrontations with the police and discrimination in general. You know the drill: Pull your […]

APS cannot sanitize its shameful dark money legacy with strategic philanthropy and Anderson Cooper

Dark money has the power to make a lot happen! Last Saturday the ASU Center for the Study of Race and Democracy hosted an event, “Delivering Democracy Lecture 2015″, headlined by Anderson Cooper. I know many people who attended it and, from what I understand, it was a fine presentation. One of the main sponsors […]

Patricia Arquette was not malicious in her backstage comments, but she was mistaken

I cheered right along with Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez when Patricia Arquette made an impassioned demand for women’s rights and, specifically, pay equity in her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress last Sunday. And then she was interviewed backstage and said some other things: “So the truth is, even though we sort of feel […]

“School Choice” is a giant honking scam

As Arizona continues to show up at the bottom of rankings in education funding, defenders of the current policies continue to insist that we’re doing super duper well in School Choice!TM School Choice!TM is predicated on the supposition that all parents – all of them! – have an endless abundance of time and resources to […]