Sadly, it’s not just Republican operatives peddling the “voter fraud” myth

Jeremy Duda had a piece in the AZ Capitol Times Tuesday featuring the thoughts of various politicos on Democrat Fred Duval’s candidacy for AZ Governor. Once again, the article is behind a paywall but there’s nothing really surprising about the observers’ insights. Most concluded that having no primary challenger (as of yet) puts Fred in […]

Bill Montgomery, like most Godwin’s Law violators, has his history wrong.

So there was another Arizona Republican who violated Godwin’s Law right after Brenda Barton did it by comparing the President to Hitler. Maricopa Attorney Bill Montgomery starting at 0.53 in: “It reflects the same basic approach to eugenics that Margaret Sanger developed, back in the 20s, and that, here’s a Hitler reference for you, that […]

Dispatch from Kookland

Brenda Barton, the uber-righty AZ Rep from Payson set the interwebz on fire with a Facebook post: Someone is paying the National Park Service thugs overtime for their efforts to carry out the order of De Fuhrer… where are our Constitutional Sheriffs who can revoke the Park Service Rangers authority to arrest??? Do we have […]

Compromise: Another thing only really expected from one side.

Think Progress’s Judd Legum tweeted something that (deservedly) went viral on Wednesday because it so aptly described the government shutdown situation. As with the “tone-policing” I posted about recently, expectations of compromise in politics go down the same one-way street the expectations of politeness do – with all the compromising having to come from the […]

The Arizona Republic has had ENOUGH of your sass about “voter suppression”, missy.

Bit of unfortunate timing that the Republic’s Monday op-ed appeared in the morning’s paper as we learned of the horrific mass shooting at the Navy Yard in DC that same morning. The headline of the piece is “No, it wasn’t ‘voter suppression,’ so shut your mouth” Um, okay. A recall election of state lawmakers in […]

Totally-not-racist Rep. Bob Thorpe wrote a book!

You may have heard how AZ Rep. Bob Thorpe innocently tweeted some things about Eric Holder and black men being criminals and also how that Obama rodeo clown was hi-larious. Good clean fun but some spoilsports gave him a hard time about it so Thorpe had to delete his tweets and suspend his Twitter account. […]

HB2305 is based on inconsistent accusations

Monday’s Arizona Capitol Times (yes, still behind a paywall, shut up) explains the “catalyst” of HB 2305, the voter suppression omnibus bill that opponents are gathering signatures to overturn in a referendum. The instigating event that led to the provision in HB 2305 that bars groups from collecting mail-in ballots and bringing them to the […]