Speaking of “thugs”.

Photo of Matthew Belardine from Scottsdale PD Per KPHO comes this report of three arrests in downtown Scottsdale, including of two men who accosted Ferguson decision protesters, which led to a brawl. Two people arrested for fighting in front of the Wasted Grain bar were not part of the protest group, said Scottsdale police Sgt. […]

Remember that time a bunch of mostly white people rioted near Penn State?

Nick Baumann did and he tweeted this as the protest and unrest after the announcement that the grand jury would not indict Ferguson police officer for shooting and killing Michael Brown unfolded. Here's an image from the Penn State protests after Paterno was fired: pic.twitter.com/HbLonGdrAE — NickBaumann (@NickBaumann) November 25, 2014 Some people responded to […]

Couple of odds and end post-President Obama’s executive order announcement

Here’s the very first bill filed in the Georgia Senate for their upcoming session. First Reader Summary PF: A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Chapters 5, 11, and 16 of Title 40 of the O.C.G.A., relating to drivers’ licenses, abandoned motor vehicles, and the Department of Driver Services, respectively, so as to […]

Voter ID pushers are completely full of it

The Arizona Eagletarian has already dealt with TownHall columnist Mona Charen’s pile of malarkey defending voter ID laws that appeared in Thursday’s Arizona Republican. I would add that the study that right wingers have been passing around like a doobie at a Willie Nelson concert that purportedly “proves” that a significant number of non-US citizens […]

Doug MacEachern is yelling at a cloud again

Oh my, they let Doug MacEachern go off on a tear again. One day before the primary elections ended, on Aug. 25, a young fellow wearing a Citizens for a Better Arizona tee shirt walked into Maricopa County elections headquarters carrying a box. It was filled with hundreds of mail-in ballots, which he merrily delivered […]

Polarization Schmolarization

Pew (and others) discover the SHOCKING TRUTH that people who pay attention to politics are polarized! You won’t believe what happens next! Here’s Vox‘s Ezra Klein on a research paper by Pew analyzing “polarization” in the American electorate: Perhaps the single most important fact about American politics is this: the people who participate are more […]

Doug Ducey’s plan to help poor single mothers is to further subject poor young men to prosecution

The final debate for Arizona Governor between Democrat Fred DuVal and Republican Doug Ducey was held in Scottdale on Tuesday afternoon. It was a debate on “women issues” hosted by various local organizations. Questions about a number of topics ranging from the budget to energy to water were posed to the candidates and it wasn’t […]