Why is it the DNC’s fault that young people aren’t voting?

Looks like most of us have some ‘splainin’ to do about our voting regularity I've tried to understand the DNC's strategy to engage younger voters and I'm at a loss. — deray mckesson (@deray) June 19, 2016 DeRay Mckesson is a great activist, who is running for Mayor of Baltimore under a platform of civil […]

Read this now about the Second Amendment!

Bigotry and Bullets: How White Male Privilege is Literally Killing Us https://t.co/9O4w4tn13a via @docrocktex26 — Propane Jane (@docrocktex26) June 15, 2016 Read every bit of this Storify stream of tweets. So that when you get that catch in your throat, where you feel like you have to nod your head and agree with the frothing […]

About that warning that Donald Trump will go left in the general

Only people Trump going left appeals to are people who weren't bothered by his racism and misogyny. https://t.co/9C7kyCGUtA — Donna Gratehouse (@DonnaDiva) May 6, 2016 There have always been those on the Left who consider feminism, anti-racism, and LGBT activism to be distractions from the real work of “economic justice” or whatever it is they […]

Great people you want to give $5 mil to, Governor Ducey

AKA A Confederacy Of Jagoffs If you’re following Arizona politics right now you know that a big issue is Prop 123, which will be voted on next month here in a special election. It would significantly increase the annual distributions from the state land trust to schools and is touted as a solution to settling […]

Ducey’s appoints notorious anti-public education figure to AZ Supreme Court

Yawn… You've become so predictable it's not even fun to read you anymore… 😴 https://t.co/YU7qHysWeK — Daniel Scarpinato (@Scarpinato) January 6, 2016 Governor Ducey’s spokesman, responding to an EJ Montini column critical of his appointment of Clint Bolick to the AZ Supreme Court. Ugh, what a week. My brain is so crowded with things to […]

Legal abortion is so “safe” in some places that women are resorting to DIY ones

Friday’s Supreme Court announcement was understandably eclipsed by the events in Paris but we pro-choice folks paid close attention to it. The court has agreed to hear a challenge to a passel of abortion restrictions passed in Texas in 2013 under the guise of “safety”. The Texas laws, which led to several clinic closures as […]

They all must look alike to Gov. Ducey

STATEMENT FROM GOVERNOR DOUG DUCEY PHOENIX – “Given the horrifying events in Paris last week, I am calling for an immediate halt in the placement of any new refugees in Arizona. As governor, I am invoking our state’s right under 8 USC, Section 1522 (a), to receive immediate consultation by federal authorities per the United […]