Mr. Anti-Choice Goes to Washington

Crossposted from Blog for Arizona Hello, ladies… Anti-choicers – who ought never be thought of as less-than-assiduous in their quest to rid America of the scourge of ladies refusing pregnancy – are really going to town these days! Per the inimitable Sally Kohn: “Serious adults are in charge here,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) […]

Stop thinking it can’t happen here!

This started out as a comment on someone’s Facebook post on the relationship between Islam and terrorism in the aftermath of the Paris attacks on Wednesday, but it got so long I decided to make it into a blog post. A common argument that Islam is “different” from the other Abrahamic faiths is due to […]

So many people with much disposable income want to spend it on behalf of white supremacists

Remember how we’ve been told, lo these many years, that the reason for all the “extremism” in Congress and in state governments is that unwashed yokels wrested democracy from the capable hands of Serious Business People™ and were somehow able to put their petty culture war concerns ahead of The Very Important Things That Serious […]

Don’t mistake McCain getting revenge for moderation of the AZ GOP

Politico reported that Sen. John McCain is purging the Arizona Republican Party of his ardent detractors. Nearly a year ago, tea party agitators in Arizona managed to get John McCain censured by his own state party. Now, he’s getting his revenge. As the longtime Republican senator lays the groundwork for a likely 2016 reelection bid, […]

Some people cling to the belief that Eric Garner was killed by everything but the cops who killed him

Rep. Steve King (R-NY) told CNN that Eric Garner’s death was caused by his obesity and not by the choke hold administered by five Staten Island cops. “You had a 350-pound person who was resisting arrest. The police were trying to bring him down as quickly as possible,” King said in an appearance on CNN’s […]

Speaking of “thugs”.

Photo of Matthew Belardine from Scottsdale PD Per KPHO comes this report of three arrests in downtown Scottsdale, including of two men who accosted Ferguson decision protesters, which led to a brawl. Two people arrested for fighting in front of the Wasted Grain bar were not part of the protest group, said Scottsdale police Sgt. […]

Remember that time a bunch of mostly white people rioted near Penn State?

Nick Baumann did and he tweeted this as the protest and unrest after the announcement that the grand jury would not indict Ferguson police officer for shooting and killing Michael Brown unfolded. Here's an image from the Penn State protests after Paterno was fired: — NickBaumann (@NickBaumann) November 25, 2014 Some people responded to […]