Guess who wants to impose a NEW tax on working Americans?

30 Jul 2008 11:41 am
Posted by: Donna

John McCain, that’s who. 

He’s already stepped in it with the Club For Growth (of the deficit) when he refused to pledge to not raise any taxes.   But he’s also been flatly lying to voters when he promises, as he has at townhall meetings, not to raise taxes.   Bad enough that it’s one of those…..whaddyacallems…..oh yeah…flip flops

Direct quote from an article touted on McCain’s site on his health care plan:

To pay for the tax credit, McCain would eliminate the tax exemption for people whose employers pay a portion of their coverage, raising an estimated $3.6 trillion in revenues,

Yeppers. That right there would be a brand spanking NEW tax on working people. Currently, if you get coverage through your employer, it’s typically not considered part of your taxable income. McCain thinks you should have to pay taxes on it but the Straight Talk Express doesn’t want you to focus on that.   Instead, they try to distract you with a shiny $5000 family tax credit to get your own coverage (when health care for the average family costs more than double that). 

Come on Dem strategists!   The ad practically writes itself.  “John McCain wants to create a NEW tax on American families!”   Not only would it be hella effective, it would be 100% true.  

Warning about clicking on McCheeseAisle’s site.  I am now getting emails from his campaign, despite not having signed up for them.   They’re kinda funny, in a pathetically desperate way, but just wanted to let you know in case you don’t want them. 

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  1. Comment by Jeff on July 30, 2008 4:11 pm

    McLame has almost always voted witht he Left when it comes to taxes. That he now is fond of saying he wouldn’t raise taxes should not be viewed with any sort of trust. He, at a minimum however, would be much more preferable than the empty suit of Barak Obama.

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