“It’s like choosing between an ice cream sandwich or a root canal”

20 Jul 2008 09:57 pm
Posted by: Donna

That brilliant analogy comes thanks to Michelle Steinberg, who works tirelessly as the Public Policy Director of Planned Parenthood for Central and Northern Arizona.  I ran into her at the Heritage Dinner at the Wyndham earlier tonight.  We were talking about the upcoming collection and I had mused about why there are even any “undecided voters” at this point.  I mean, what are they finding it difficult to decide about?  Are there so many people out there who still can’t differentiate between Barack Obama and John McCain?  Are they serious?  They really can’t distinguish between Obama’s message of Hope and Change and Redemption and McCain’s of…what?  Quit whining?  More Bush Tax Cuts?  100 Years in Iraq?  Bomb Bomb Iran?  Viagra, Not Birth Control?   

Michelle laid it out for us:  Obama = Ice cream sandwich    

                                              McCain = Root canal

Really, undecided voters, it’s not that difficult.   

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