Meet Dr. Wayne Grudem

28 Jul 2011 08:09 pm
Posted by: Donna

He’s the Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary. Which happens to be the new digs of the Center for Arizona Policy. Dr. Grudem is the author of several papers and books on Christianity and government. Unsurprisingly, he’s good buds with CAP President Cathi Herrod.


Recently, Dr. Grudem had evangelist James Robison positively gushing over a presentation Grudem did about The Enemy’s Plan to thwart the “will of God as it relates to many issues of deep concern to everyone who understands the importance of faith, family and freedom.”

I pray you will read Dr. Grudem’s notes and share this commentary. We have a choice in this hour, but we must take action!

Robison insists that this is not a battle to be waged against “flesh and blood” but just so we’re clear, my secular chickadees, those of us who disagree with Dr. Grudem’s vision of theocratic perfection are placed firmly in “the enemy” column. Below the jump are screen shots of Grudem’s presentation.





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