Our County Attorney does double duty as a book publicist. And guess what? We get to pay for it!

25 Jul 2008 03:06 pm
Posted by: Donna

I just adore Stephen Lemons, AKA Feathered Bastard, of the New Times.  His blog post today is about how Candy Andy Thomas is using his office to help KTAR morning jock (and right wing assbag) Darrell Ankarlo promote his book.   I’m suprised that Ankarlo was able to pull his head out of Joe Arpaio’s posterior long enough to write a book, but apparently it’s nothing more than a “Mexican bashing bag of bull”, in the words of Lemons.

Lemon’s funny post raises the burning irony of a right wing radio host, who devotes a large portion of his program to caterwauling about the eeeeevils of government spending, essentially accepting welfare from the taxpayers to promote his crappy book.   How does that jive with Ankarlo’s conservative values?   I thought guys like him believed in self reliance and not taking handouts. 

Did anyone consult you and me about this press junket for Ankarlo?  How is it remotely legal for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to do this?  If there isn’t a law prohibiting this (and why the f*&# isn’t there if that’s the case?), it has a huge stench of impropriety clinging to it.   Can you just imagine the outcry if a Democratic County Attorney used the office to promote a book?  Especially if that book were written by, oh say, Kyrsten Sinema?  Imagine the deafening noise created by the simultaneous head explosions of the Valley’s right wing radio hosts, including Ankarlo.   The TV news and papers would be all over it and there would be demands for people to be fired.    

But it’s different when the County Attorney is a Republican and the author is a conservative jerkwad hating on brown people.   

Have I mentioned how much I loathe these people?


  1. Comment by Emil Pulsifer on July 26, 2008 4:14 pm

    I’m already a big fan. Because anyone who touts Lemons’ columns, drinks red wine (I’m assuming that the pictured beverage is a nice dry claret), and calls Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas an “assclown” (nice neologism, Donna) deserves public if not critical accolades.

    My suggestion is: pester Lemons mercilessly until he adds you to his “blogroll” links. Oh, he’ll initially refuse, pleading nolo contendere because “the software has been changed and it’s now a lot more difficult to add new links”, but just keep after him.

    I think the sentiment to be expressed here (even though I’m strictly hetero) is: “You go, girl.”

  2. Comment by Donna on July 27, 2008 8:24 pm

    Thank you Emil. Although I can’t claim credit for coining “assclown”. I’ve seen it elsewhere on the Internets but it so aptly fits Andrew Thomas.

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