Russell Pearce has always been who the NFIB thought he was.

26 Jul 2011 09:37 pm
Posted by: Donna

I begin with another installment of What Tedski Said:

So, let’s reiterate: if we get rid of that Clean Elections system, we’ll have fewer extremists (who, of course, are on both sides) in the legislature. This is true on the Republican side because responsible business leaders will weigh in and become a moderate, pragmatic force in their primaries.


By the way, did I tell you that the Arizona chapter of the National Federation of Independent Businesses has thrown in with Russell Pearce?

What’s a bit of intimidation of fellow legislators, consorting with racists, and fearmongering lies as long as he votes against tax increases and regulation?

Word to Republican business leaders: instead of quietly complaining to Democrats about the slopeheads and knuckledraggers that have taken over your party, how about you stop supporting them?

Here’s NFIB’s press release (emphasis mine):

July 25, 2011
By NFIB/Arizona 1 Comment

Small-business association standing up for lawmaker who has stood up for its members

PHOENIX, Ariz., July 25, 2011 — In a less petty political world, no association should have to issue a news released endorsing a candidate for the state legislature in a July of an odd-numbered year, but in doing so today Arizona’s leading small-business group wanted to make an early, emphatic and unqualified endorsement of Senate President Russell Pearce for election, once again, to his 18th Legislative District seat.

“We’re making our endorsement of Russell Pearce early to register small business’ strong support for one of Arizona’s most pro-small business lawmakers as he faces a needless November 8th special election to represent a constituency who overwhelmingly voted for him nine months ago just as they have in five prior elections,” said Farrell Quinlan, Arizona state director for the National Federation of Independent Business.

“Small business is rallying to stand up for the man who has stood up for small business for more than a decade. His recall is a shameful abuse of the election process and a wasteful distraction from the Legislature’s important work of helping Arizona’s private sector create jobs again. Nothing in Russell Pearce’s actions since the last election warrants this recall election. The next regular election would have been the appropriate time for his political opponents to try a seventh time to defeat him.

“With apologies to noted political philosopher Dennis Green, District 18 voters will say ‘Russell Pearce is who we thought he was!’ and re-elect him handily on November 8th,” Quinlan quipped.

In the May release of NFIB’s 2011 legislative Voting Record, Pearce posted a 100-percent, pro-small-business voting tally on 15 issues vital to Main Street, mom-and-pop businesses repeating his perfect voting record on small business’ legislative agenda from 2009-2010.

The formal endorsement of Pearce was made by the NFIB/Arizona SAFE Trust, the political action arm of the association. More information can be found on President Pearce’s website at

Arizona’s business class Democrats (many of whom want to get rid of Clean Elections) will insist that NFIB and other business leaders supporting Senate President Pearce against the recall are doing so out of pragmatic considerations over legislative retaliation should Pearce survive. That’s reasonable but it also makes the point of Clean Elections supporters like myself and Ted: There’s no Clean Elections in this recall but the business community still isn’t throwing its weight behind Pearce’s moderate challenger.

And it’s important for all Arizona Dems to disabuse themselves of the notion that the GOP here is run by clear-eyed rational fiscally-minded automatons. Immigration looms so large here that it has led to the strange situation where being slightly to the left of JT Ready on the issue earns a Republican politician a “moderate” label among a lot of Democrats. Jeff Flake, who is anti-choice and holds some pretty horrid economic positions, is often described that way in progressive circles (despite having expressed opposition to birthright citizenship since at least 2006). Oy vey.

The Republican business community is given the same latitude. They’re “good on immigration” because they don’t want their low wage workforce rounded up (or to have to use E-Verify) and don’t care for the impact of SB1070 boycotts (duh). But does that make them moderate? Does that mean that Arizona Democrats should jettison Clean Elections in the hope that Republican business people in Arizona will notice how rilly rilly reasonable and mainstream we are? The evidence certainly doesn’t lead to that conclusion. Campaign contributions to and endorsements of rabid right wing anti-immigration and socially conservative Republicans over and over again by business leaders and lobbyists put the lie to that. Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that Russell Pearce et al. have been who they thought they are. And they like them that way.

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