Seasoned political operatives don’t just blurt things out.

12 Oct 2010 02:52 pm
Posted by: Donna

Here’s what Chuck Coughlin’s own website says about him:

A frequent contributor of opinion columns in Arizona and other national publications, Coughlin is an accomplished writer and speaker on national and Arizona political topics; including illegal immigration, campaign finance, infrastructure, education and campaign strategy.

Coughlin was asked to serve by then-Secretary of State Jan Brewer as the Chairman of her Transition Team when she became Governor in 2009. As the Transition Team Chairman, Coughlin assembled a diverse team of business and community leaders who recommended to the Governor her executive management team, senior policy positions, cabinet recommendations and coordinated her swearing in ceremonies. Coughlin chaired the search committee which recommended the succession of Secretary of State Ken Bennett into the role left vacant by Brewer’s ascension to the office of Governor.

As the President of Highground, Inc., Coughlin has managed hundreds of statewide and local elections lobbied on behalf of numerous clients and played key roles in several public affairs campaigns including: the development of a new stadium for the Fiesta Bowl and the Arizona Cardinals; the extension of Maricopa County’s ½ cent sales tax for transportation; the creation and funding of the Maricopa Integrated Health Care District in Maricopa County; and the passage of Proposition 100, the temporary one-cent sales tax increase passed by 64% of Arizona voters to stabilize the State’s budget picture in 2010. Most recently, the firm has been retained to ensure the passage of a Mesa ballot proposition in support of a new Spring Training home for the Chicago Cubs.

If you’ve ever watched experienced and successful political consultants in action, you know one thing about them immediately: The message is everything and every word is carefully chosen. So when Chuck Coughlin gay-baited Terry Goddard in response to queries about Jan Brewer’s health, know that he did it absolutely 100% deliberately.

UPDATE: I posted a comment to HighGround’s blog post where he links to the AZSCAM testimony. I said that Coughlin should be ashamed of himself. They deleted it.


  1. Comment by Editor on October 12, 2010 7:08 pm

    This is the most astonishingly shameful thing I’ve ever seen. So my question is this.

    Is Chuck Coughlin the slimiest private prison spokesman with his hand in the governor’s pocket in Arizona or is he somewhere lower on the list?

    If he is not the most reprehensible character in the Brewer administration can someone tell us please who that person is? Just so we know.

    He’s too slimy even for the Nixon team, and that is saying a lot.

  2. Comment by dude on October 12, 2010 8:33 pm

    Anyone who has ever hired Chuck Coughlin should have a microphone shoved in their face and forced to say whether or not gay bashing is legitimate discourse.

    Ditto anyone who hires him in the future.

    If anyone says, “Oh, he didn’t mean it that way,” they should then be asked if one of the most seasoned hacks in the business is actually inartful enough to accidentally gay bash, and if he is, why is he on their payroll?

  3. Comment by dude on October 12, 2010 8:35 pm

    I hate posting replies to myself– it’s lame and no one is that important– but this pisses me off enough to make me want to do it.

    Anyone who says, “Oh, it was just a joke gone awry, lighten up,” should be asked if gay bashing is a joke, and if people being murdered or committing suicide because of what other people assumed about their sexuality is funny.

  4. Comment by AZ Mama on October 12, 2010 8:49 pm

    He’s a tool. A disgusting pig of a tool.

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