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17 Sep 2007 09:58 pm
Posted by: Katie

I found this gem of a letter to the editor in today’s AZ Republic.

Regarding ‘Protesters nurse outside restaurant’ (Valley and State, Sept. 9): I feel that mothers who indiscreetly display their breasts while suckling their infants in public are blatant exhibitionists who are exploiting their mammary glands for the titillation of others. Bill Murdoch, Sedona

Are you KIDDING me??? Women who breastfeed aren’t indiscreetly displaying their breasts, they are meeting the nutritional needs of their infants. Nothing more. Breastfeeding, while one of the most fulfilling experiences of early motherhood, can also be one of the most stressful. Because of all this nonsense about offending people. While I personally chose to nurse my children under cover because it made me more comfortable, if I accidentally flashed a breast, offending someone was the least of my worries. It certainly wasn’t for the enjoyment of someone who might happen to see. Putting my babies under a cover to nurse often made them uncomfortable and agitated, making it difficult to get them to calm down and nurse. Would you like it if you had to eat under a blanket?

The fact that mothers have to fight for the right to feed their babies in public is ridiculous. If you’re offended, I think its your problem. You go hide in the bathroom, but don’t send a mom in there to feed her baby. Because while having to nurse under a blanket is sometimes impossible, having to nurse in the bathroom is just gross!

Oh, BTW, when I was breastfeeding, my breasts were the least sexual thing about me. Using them to titillate someone was really the furthest thing from my mind.



  1. Comment by Donna on September 17, 2007 10:28 pm

    Yeah, that was a creepy letter. I’m wondering what the AZ Republic editors were thinking in choosing to run it. Since most women nurse so discreetly that I’m generally unaware that they are doing it around me, I suspect that Bill really strains his eyes for reasons to be ‘tittilated’.

  2. Comment by Daniel Patterson on September 18, 2007 12:49 pm

    Breastfeeding is the healthiest option for babies. We all have nipples. Get over it.

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