There’s a new political party in AZ. It looks real familiar.

21 Jul 2011 10:06 pm
Posted by: Donna

It’s called Americans Elect and they turned in enough signatures to appear on the ballot for the Presidential election. The Republic piece doesn’t go into much description.

The Americans Elect Party, according to its website, supports an open presidential nominating system in which voters would be able to choose the party’s candidate at an online convention next June. The group intends to gain party status in all states and already is in Nevada, Kansas and Alaska.

Americans Elect ballot access director Kellen Arno said the purpose of the party is to allow voters to nominate a candidate who represents the issues that are most important to them.

Boy howdy, that sounds super democratic and populist, doesn’t it? Irregular Times has done some thorough coverage on this outfit. They’re secretive about funding and cagey about their agenda (they insist they don’t have one). Remember the Unity Party from 2008? Some of my Dem friends were keen on it back then, just as some of my Dem friends are jazzed about No Labels now.

Irregular Times blogger Jim Cook reported that Unity 2008 has been reformulated into a task force called Unity12 by corporate raider, former Michael Milken associate, and fan of Social Security privatization, one Peter Ackerman.

Guess who is the president of Americans Elect?

Per Jim Cook again, Americans Elect swears up and down it’s a folksy little grassroots effort seeking to give Joe and Jane Sixpack a voice in selecting a Presidential nominee via the Internet.

Americans Elect’s “About” Page:

No traditional parties.
No special interests.
No agendas. Really!

… As a Delegate, you will help shape the rules, craft the platform of key questions the candidates must answer, and ultimately choose the nominees.

Americans Elect, “#6 of Six Things to Know“:

Americans Elect is a platform. We have no candidate, issues, or ideology of our own. We are simply a vehicle for a presidential ticket that is more representative of, and more accountable to you, your friends, your family, and your neighbors. You are the drivers.

You are the drivers. Americans Elect won’t be steering. No agendas. No candidate, issues, or ideology of its own.


Yeah, really. I know this will come as a shock:

Dig a bit past promotional material and you’ll find something else:

Video by Americans Elect promoting the “sensible center” and focusing on fiscal issues from a centrist point of view.

Blog posts focused on budgetary and fiscal issues from a centrist point of view.

Selective Americans Elect interviews with citizens who disparage conservatism and liberalism and call for a resurgence of centrist politics.

Position or no position? Agenda or no agenda? Ideology or no ideology? Which version of Americans Elect’s public message accurately reflects the corporation’s nature and intentions? Editor’s note: Links to the blog posts and videos have been scrubbed.

Ah, good old centrism. Not to be confused with moderation. Moderate voters aren’t the same as political centrists. Centrism is a fiction invented to disguise rich people pushing their interests. That’s why centrists like things like free trade deals, deregulation, deficit reduction, austerity, and so-called “entitlement reform” – most of which are hugely unpopular with and detrimental to Americans. Centrists aren’t anywhere near where the real center of the public is. They just pretend they are.

Jim Cook revealed today that Americans Elect plans to broker the 2012 Presidential election should they receive enough votes to swing it. Cook’s post presents two scenarios under which that could happen. They also have a very punitive loyalty oath in the bylaws should an Americans Elect elector refuse to vote for the party’s chosen candidate.

Failure to comply with this agreement shall result in the automatic termination of the Elector and substitution therefor with the alternate elector, in view of the national effort and costs to AE to attain ballot access for the AE ticket, which is not susceptible of easy calculation, the parties agree that the elector shall be liable to AE in the amount of $500,000 in liquidated damages if the Elector violates this agreement.

Yikes. Anyway, I went to the Americans Elect website so I could sign up (under a fake name), which I did. Right of the bat, I noticed a similarity to the No Labels site on the landing page. See if you notice it too. Coinky-dink, I’m sure.

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  1. Comment by dude on July 22, 2011 7:21 am

    Wait, what? They say they won’t have a candidate– then say they’re trying to get ballot access?

    I mean, it must be hard to think straight with the Chamber of Commerce’s hand clenched firmly around your colon, but are corporatist puppets that dim?

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