Things I learned at a mixer this evening

14 Oct 2010 11:14 pm
Posted by: Donna

It was put on by the AZ Hispanic Chamber and Arizona Latino Research enterprise (ALRE).

1. Outgoing LD8 Senator Carolyn Allen (R) supports Democrat John Kriekard for State Rep in that district. “We need to get John Kavanagh out of there,” she said from the podium.

2. Brenda Burns has some major chutzpah. The Corp Comm candidate not only showed her SB1070 supporting face there – it was a very anti-SB1070 crowd and Rick Romley was given an award for his opposition to the law. But when it was her turn to speak she spouted some platitudes about how great immigration is and how she was a descendant of immigrants. Well, duh, Brenda. No one thought you were Navajo.

3. Describing CD7 Republican candidate Ruth McClung as a physicist and rocket scientist is quite a stretch, and not just because of her abysmal performance at her debate with Grijalva last night. I found out from one of the attendees at the mixer, who is herself an astrophysicist with a doctorate, that McClung has a bachelor’s degree in physics and works for Raytheon in some capacity or other but not as a bona fide rocket scientist.


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  2. Comment by JustJoeP on October 18, 2010 6:06 pm

    McClung DOES have a degree in physics, and does work at Raytheon who manufactures rockets, guidance systems, predator drones, and a host of other defense related products, so she Could be considered loosely, a “rocket scientist”. I say this, because I have personally worked with many ex-Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne engineers who DID work on space shuttle engines, and who DID refer to themselves (albeit jokingly) as “rocket scientists”. It’s an easily embraced moniker, by those in the industry (like “geek” is among computer scientists).

    Putting it on their campaign website boldly, is not something my respectable colleagues would do, as they knew it was ‘tongue in cheek’. Unless you worked on Apollo, or one of the space probes, developing the actual rockets, seriously using the label “rocket scientist” should be done in good humor, not in seriousness.

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