Tuesday Energy Blogging: Good news from New Mexico.

30 Mar 2010 07:58 pm
Posted by: Donna

A renewable energy standard is an undeniably important thing, but there’s a lot to be said for cutting the emissions of existing fossil fuel systems.

During his tenure, Richardson has signed several executive orders aimed at curbing the pollution blamed for global warming. He has appointed advisory groups to come up with recommendations and mandated that state government become more energy efficient.

Governor Napolitano issued similar orders and created advisory groups to track and reduce emissions in Arizona during her tenure, while pushing for regional and national cooperation. Unfortunately, her replacement, Governor Jan Brewer, all but pulled out of the Western States Initiative. She didn’t end Arizona’s association entirely, but her Executive Order in February decreed that our state would not go along with any emission reduction measure that might increase costs for the government, businesses, or consumers.

This is penny-wise-pound-foolishness on her part. Pollution, climate change, and lack of water conservation represent a large, and expensive, long-term threat to Arizona. And we have to worry about the future of the Renewable Energy Standard, since the right wing lege doesn’t like it and a candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission is an oil company lobbyist.

So, not so good news from Arizona. But there is reason to be optimistic vis a vis the Corp Comm and I’ll be back later to explain why.

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  1. Comment by Alan Scott on March 31, 2010 3:20 pm


    Just to show you that I do not out of hand condemn everything our first African American President does, I hereby praise him for opening up a few offshore areas to oil drilling . While I wish he would do a lot more, I am happy about the great progress he has made in turning around his thinking .

    As Sarah Palin would say, drill baby drill .

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