Does Kucinich think that the aliens who drive the UFOs should be able to get licenses?

That’s what I want to know.   Donna

Happy Halloween. This year I’m going as a walking bruised ego.

*sigh*  So there I am in the dressing room of a local department store, trying on various muu muus.  I’ve put on a few pounds – not enough to be noticeable to most people but enough that my clothes are a smidge on the snug side (okay maybe a little more than a smidge) but I’m not ready to […]

The best thing that ever happened to the Phoenix New Times

Admit it, you normally aren’t an avid reader of the Phoenix New Times except for those special occasions, like when you’re looking up restaurant reviews. But you have a fascination for all things scandalous and couldn’t help but be hit over the head with the story of gross misconduct in Sheriff Joe’s personal vendetta meets the […]

A couple things I heard that tickled me

I’m listening to the radio on the way to an appointment today and Jeff Farias was chatting with a caller who was frustrated by the intractibility of right wingers, who cling to their support of Dubya despite the glaring evidence of this administration’s suckage.   She was describing how her own Republican parents simply refuse to budge […]

Shout out to an Arizona Gold Star Mom

This past Saturday I attended the quarterly State Committee Meeting in Tucson.  During the main meeting PCs from all across the state were updated on the happenings in the state party and voted assent by acclamation on 3 non-controversial resolutions (anti-payday loans, anti-particulate pollution, and pro-labor).  Prior to that, those who were interested in particular caucuses had a […]

Help women Emerge

Emerge Arizona is currently accepting applications for its next class! Emerge is a political training program whose mission is to recruit, train, and inspire Democratic women to run for office. It is a six-month program that meets one Saturday a month from January to June. Please pass the word along to great women you think […]

Some perspective about Harry Mitchell and the war. And a few ideas.

Yes, Harry Mitchell keeps voting along with the Republicans on the war.   Yes, the ongoing illegal occupation of a country who was no threat to us is an atrocity beyond comprehension and it boggles the mind why any Democrat in Congress would cast votes for its continuation in any way shape or form.  Yes, this boondoggle is wasting […]

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