And now those Phony Soldiers think they should get college educations too. Someone should tell Rush.

Isn’t this nice.  Came across this whilst on my Saturday morning blog sojourn: Minnesota Soldiers’ Benefits Fall Short What happened was this National Guard unit thought they would be eligible for a more generous GI bill package, due to their extended deployment to Iraq. Reservists generally get less money for college than active duty, unless they are […]


Specifically, how to address it when it comes up in conversation about politics, particularly when it’s one of those single issue voters.  I admit to being just dumbfounded by people who will pull the R lever over and over, despite the GOP having done nothing legislatively significant on that issue for decades.   I’ve tried all […]

The Conservative Wrong

While I catch my breath after laughing at Donna’s last blog entries (loved the part about Britney, Lindsay, and Merchant/Ivory – which in that series doesn’t belong?), I have to chat briefly with ya’ll about words.  I’m a word geek.  I love big words, I love making words up*, my favorite word is “perspicacity,” and I’m […]

Speaking of Krista’s post about traffic

On the radio today Thom Hartmann was talking about a study that found a link between elevated CO2 levels and elevated anxiety.   Thom’s a big proponent of looking at the way environmental and social factors interact with our natural survival instincts to produce many of the common psychotropic “ailments” that Big Pharma always seems to have a handy pill […]

GOP: Tax dodging is for patriots. Some Democrats agree. Clarence Thomas continues to be a tool.

I awoke this morning , to what appeared to be an unremarkable day. Schlepped to the kitchen for coffee, and fired up the laptop. It was then that I saw a sight that warmed the cockles of my cynical heart. On one of my fave political blogs there was this: “Dem Congressman wants to raise […]

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