A harbinger of things to come

Here’s a little Men at Work to set the tone for this one:  “Do you come from the land down under Where women glow and men plunder? Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover.” We hear good news from Australia, where Progressives have stopped an 11-year onslaught […]

AZ Presidential Preference Primary!

Our Presidential primary is rapidly approaching — it is a little more than 2 months away, and a little more than a month before early voting starts. The primary is only open to Democratic voters. This is different than our state elections in which Independent voters may choose a ballot when they vote in the […]

Fox News is not safe for work.

I strongly suggest waiting until you get home to open this.   http://foxnewsporn.com/ Now you know why it’s the number one cable news network of all those morally upstanding conservatives. 

Arpaio and McCain: Profiles in Courage

Greetings fellow Divas! Your muu muu clad correspondent returns, with some observations about the 2 arguably most prominent men in our state.  Exhibit A is our stalwart and plucky lilliputian Maricopa County Sheriff.  A friend of mine was at a Valley Citizen’s League luncheon where Joe was speaking and taking questions.  He said he raised […]

Our thoughts and prayers to Representative Saradnik

I went to the Pinal County Democrats meeting tonight and heard that Representative Lena Saradnik had suffered from a stroke recently.  So I dug up the story on the Arizona Daily Star and am glad to pass it on here.  The story states that Representative Saradnik is in good health (good news!), and I suspect she’ll […]

Two days left to apply for the Emerge AZ Class of 2008

I know, I know, nothing like a bit of procrastination - for you and me both, sister.  For me, it’s been a full month with work and National Novel Writing Month (trust me when I say I’m woefully behind on writing) and fundraisers and such.  But there’s no time like the present to urge you to take advantage of the […]

Sexist Hit Pieces on Laura Pastor in Phoenix City Council Race

Pam, from Arizona List, gave me permission to post this email message that was sent to Arizona List members: We’ve been spending time figuring out what happened in the Phoenix City Council election for District 7, in which our endorsed candidate, Laura Pastor, was defeated on Tuesday. The more we dig into it, the angrier […]

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