We’ve been good…promise!

Dear Santa, We’ve been good Democrats this year.  We spent the year building our party base, opening new office headquarters in various Arizona districts, and cheerfully debating the merits of Hillary vs. Obama vs. Kucinich vs. Edwards vs. et al.  We’re doing the best work we can to give the people a voice, and you […]

In case you missed it…

Here are a few of my favorite tidbits from last week: Mitt Romney’s VC Firm to Buy Clear Channel – Biased media at its best? H. Res. 847: Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith – Was there really a need for a resolution on Christmas and Christianity?  A colossal waste of time […]

Between gang rapes and murderous fathers, where DO we get the crazy idea that misogyny is still a problem in the world?

These stories are so stunning, and yet so commonplace.  Jamie Leigh Jones was a 19 year old military wife working as a contractor for KBR in Iraq.  Here is what she is alleging:  http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/Story?id=3977702&page=1 Aqsa Parvez was a smart and outgoing 16 year old.  She enjoyed dancing and hanging out with her friends in a suburb […]

What do you mean I can’t vote in the primary?

You didn’t think being registered to vote gave you the right to vote in one of the presidential primaries did you?  If you did, you’d be wrong.  To vote in the Democratic Primary, you have to be registered as a Democrat.  Independents, Greens, and other non-Democratic-affiliated voters will be turned down at the polls.  Our […]

The KKK took my Sheriff away.

I couldn’t resist a nod to the Ramones for my post title.   I’m afraid of what looms in this upcoming election year, when the GOP has pretty much nothing to appeal to moderates and independents besides illegal immigration. And they are flogging that issue, desperately.  A few weeks ago Sheriff Joe chortled with Lou Dobbs over the […]

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