An endorsement, or rather more than 80 of them, with meaning

By now we’re all aware of the numerous endorsements our 2 remaining candidates have racked up (with heartfelt condolences to Edwards’ supporters).    Political mucky-mucks such as Teddy Kennedy, Maxine Waters, our governor etc., have weighed in about whether Hillary or Barack has the stuff to lead our nation out of this dark period.   Celebrities like Oprah and […]

Barack On!

Here’s just a quick snippet before I head to sleepytown.  The Barack Obama rally was incredible!  I was awestruck to see so many people turn out for a presidential primary rally.  The only thing I had to compare it to were a couple of rallys I went to when I was stumping for good ol’ […]

Join the Obama rally!

Tomorrow brings a wonderful opportunity for you to take part in history by attending the Barack Obama rally in downtown Phoenix.  Don’t miss it! Here are some of the details from Senator Obama will be speaking in Phoenix on Wednesday, January 30 at a Stand for Change Rally.  He will be joined by special guests […]

Coming from a position of strength

(This entry was a comment to Katie’s last post, but I thought it should be a blog entry and have moved it. -Krista)  Dear Katie and other Koombaya Followers: No one in this campaign on any side has been over the top—-yet——when we get to the general election you will see the most unbelievable, organized and […]


I don’t even know what to say about this. No matter what you think about HRC, this is way over the top. Why is such overt misogyny still ok?

And in other timely and useful news, Thanksgiving turkeys are on sale at Safeway!

So the Republic had an article about the local Clinton and Obama campaigns.  If you were a bleary-eyed pre-coffee Obama supporter like me, you might have been disheartened to see that Senator Clinton is beating your candidate soundly in the Arizona polls.   And then after you had your coffee you’d have looker at the article and seen that the […]

Huckleberry may want to impose theocracy on America but at least it will come in the right pigment shade.

See if you can spot the disparity!  Seems the coverage concerning Barack’s six-degrees-of-separation tenuous link to Louis Farrakhan and Black separatism through his Chicago church is getting more serious journalistic scrutiny than Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee himself telling a crowd that he’d like to replace the Constitution with Biblical doctrine.   Washington Post op-ed about Obama’s minister giving an award to […]

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