Your diva will illustrate the healthcare mandate rift, via popular TV characters.

Something occured to me as I watched the debate last night, during the 16 full minutes in which our 2 candidates accused each other of being the bigger universal coverage hater and yanker outer of the IVs of cancer-stricken Girl Scouts.  Basically, their plans are about 95% similar but there is a crucial difference:  Hillary wants to mandate […]

Don’t be hatin’ on my plagiarizing unpatriotic Obama cult, yo.

Great night so far, with Barack taking Wisconsin by double digits.   A few thoughts as I sip red wine and watch the speeches on the ‘SPAN. It was, I admit, a clever swipe by the Clinton campaign at Barack for his unattributed borrowing of a riff by Deval Patrick in his WI Jefferson Jackson speech.  I’m pretty […]

(one reason) Why Kyrsten Sinema is an exceptional legislator

I was in the House Judiciary Committee today for a hearing on HB2660 (joint; several liability; criminal offenses). This bill will create financial joint and several liability for those who create “dangerous materials” that promote criminal or terrorist activity. It is being promoted as a victim rights bill that will allow victims to sue assholes that produce beyond despicable materials (primarily […]

Something Different!

No, I haven’t switched to Barack but I have indulged in a little Rock.  Last night we attended one of the best concerts I have ever been to (and I am married to a musician).  Rodrigo y Gabriela are AMAZING!  They play acoustic guitars and it’s just the two of them.  Rodrigo is a virtuoso […]

One last word on this topic . . .

Ellen Malcolm of EMILY’s List opened up her remarks at last year’s Majority Council conference by commenting that she had “flirted” with Obama.  She went on to analyze the election in her usual brilliant fashion, that the initial attraction comes from the fact that many of us hate politics although we love the policies.  Obama […]

Proud Democrats, Grandparents, and Disenfranchised Independents

We’ve said it before, this is an exciting time in politics. No matter who wins the Democratic nominee, I’m proud of the intelligent and savvy candidates we’ve seen over the last year. Yep, it’s a proud time for us Democrats, especially compared to our opposition – McCain and Muckety Muckabee (you can have a lot of fun […]

Foggy Super Tuesday

Here’s a sign I saw in Coolidge (see the fog in the background?): It was still 34 degrees when I took this picture around 9am. It was so foggy at my house that I had to wait for it to ease up before I could leave.

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