Today’s John Shadegg op-ed: “Eat dog food in your old age to so I don’t have to deal with the mortgage crisis now!”

That’s not what his piece in the AZ Republic was titled, but it might as well have been.   It had the more benign heading of “A free market approach to housing crisis”.  As every smart Diva knows, “free market” is GOP-speak for “I got mine, screw you”. This is the operating credo behind Shadegg’s helpful solution […]

We’re goin’ to Denver!

Six, count ’em, six of your Dem Diva bloggers are headed to Denver as pledged delegates. Woo hoo!!! Oh, and Donna, we outnumber you (but we love you anyway).

My response to a guy who calls himself “me” deserves a post of it’s own

So this random dude read my post on Sheriff Joe and decided to set me straight on why hassling orange vendors and landscapers is vitally important to homeland security. Comment by me on April 17, 2008 1:39 am I think that Sheriff Joe is doing an amazing job.. He is doing the job that all the […]

A compelling reason to de-wingnut the AZ Legislature ASAP. As if we needed another.

Watch this video about the FDLS Church and it’s creepy stranglehold on the girls and women unfortunate enough to be born in it.   Pay attention to the woman who comments about our state reps.   She’s right.   This is what happens when a plurality of your lawmakers think it’s just ducky to mix church and state.   And you know that’s why […]

America’s Lamest Sheriff

In my eleven years living in Greater Phoenix, I’ve not had much regard for Sheriff Joe.  Maybe it’s function of my having served in the military, and then working in a male-dominated blue collar mileu for several years after.  I’d decided I’d had it up to here with blustery, insecure males strutting around and obviously […]

A little hair goes a long way

Between working full time and contracting on the side, commuting, spending time with my husband and family, and doing my various Democratic duties, I don’t have a lot of time to volunteer. But, I’m a Democrat, and to me being a Democrat is about helping people. To fulfill my quota, I try to find small […]

Finally, a place to keep track of all the right-wing wackos

This is totally awesome — if you haven’t already seen it, I encourage you to check it out.

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