Notes from a non-superdelegate

Here’s a snippet from an email someone forwarded to me. It gives you a little glimpse into the life of a potential super delegate (edited for typos): Have had a few calls today from “friends” of O and H, mistakenly thinking that I am a candidate for superdelegate (I pulled out when i could not […]

News Flash – I’m a woman and forgot to check my gender bias at the door

I first want to apologize to Slade for picking on his post. Really, his was the final in a whole line of similar posts and articles I read concerning “what to do about Hillary”. Slade is a person of integrity, whom I have a great deal of respect for, and I know his intention was […]


Slade Mead over at The Dry Heat has a pretty condescending post about what Obama should do about thorn in his side Hillary Clinton. As if she’s just a nuisance that he needs to figure out what to do with. Bottom line, he does not have the delegates to win as long as she’s in […]

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