Happy Unity Day

Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama have finally sung their Kumbayas. Here are some of the political-strategy clichés of Unity Day uncensored and for your enjoyment. The kiss and make up was comfortably and conveniently nestled in Unity, New Hampshire. Not only is the town named appropriately, but in Unity, Barack and Hillary received […]

Joe Arpaio’s Principled Stand Against Racism

No silly, not the kind he practices.  Rest assured that the hassling of poor brown people by his thugs will continue unabated.   I’m talking about the story that’s had our local news and the sports world abuzz. PHOENIX (AP)—Shaquille O’Neal will lose his special deputy’s badge in Maricopa County because of language he used in a […]

A Democratic Diva’s Dilemma over immigration

I had a long drive in the Valley this afternoon so I was able to listen to most of Desert Politics on KPHX 1480.    Todd Landfried is the host.  Immigration is Todd’s pet project so he made that the topic today, as he does quite often lately.  I’m okay with that, because everyone should have a […]

Here’s another fun youtube.

You have to keep reminding yourself it’s satire because it’s so true. http://www.imvotingrepublican.com/

This youtube of Joe Arpaio needs to go viral, asap, and I’d like to help it along.

It’s like whoever created this was reading my mind.   For some reason, that monotonous dance jam from the mid-90s “Short D*ck Man” has been known to enter the soundtrack of my mind whenever I’ve seen Sheriff Joke on TV or in person. He’s using the clean version, “Short Short Man” but it still works.    Enjoy.   Share it […]

The banality of misogyny

Hi Divas! So, with all the discussion and rehashing of the primary, a lot has been said recently about the sexism that has been directed at Hillary by the media.  It’s certainly justified.  It was evident in everything from those disgusting Hillary nutcrackers to unflattering charicatures to the commentary of dickwad male cable pundits.   Hey, attention smarmy male […]

Moving on

I’ve had friends tell me they stopped reading this blog because it was too Clinton-centered. So, let’s change the subject, shall we? This animosity towards candidates has gotten so bad that I wish neither Clinton nor Obama had entered the race. Where’s our safe candidate – you know, the Kerry of 2008 who was the […]

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