Update on Andy Thomas/Ankarlo book tour!

Yesterday Tim Nelson had a press conference to call Candy Andy out on using public money to help Darrell Ankarlo peddle his nasty bigoted tome and prop up his sagging ratings.   A scoop which, by the way, was broken by Stephen Lemons at the New Times.  It’s likely that no one would have paid attention to it […]

Guess who wants to impose a NEW tax on working Americans?

John McCain, that’s who.  He’s already stepped in it with the Club For Growth (of the deficit) when he refused to pledge to not raise any taxes.   But he’s also been flatly lying to voters when he promises, as he has at townhall meetings, not to raise taxes.   Bad enough that it’s one of those…..whaddyacallems…..oh yeah…flip flops.  Direct […]

Senator Jack Harper needs smelling salts and a fainting couch, stat.

Poor dear.  Senator Paula Aboud owes him an apology, as he sniffled in an OpEd to the Arizona Daily Star.   The meanie Tucson Democrat filibustered GOP Legislators’ gay-bashing political gambit marriage amendment and he was forced to cut off her off…oh wait I mean it was an accident he hit the wrong button…nevermind either way now […]

Our County Attorney does double duty as a book publicist. And guess what? We get to pay for it!

I just adore Stephen Lemons, AKA Feathered Bastard, of the New Times.  His blog post today is about how Candy Andy Thomas is using his office to help KTAR morning jock (and right wing assbag) Darrell Ankarlo promote his book.   I’m suprised that Ankarlo was able to pull his head out of Joe Arpaio’s posterior […]

Your Diva made the Valley Section today!

Here’s the link:  Supervisors are asked to rein in Sheriff I’m quoted in the article. What happened was I was one of the first people in line for the meeting and was asked to make a comment at the meeting during public remarks. By half past 8am dozens of people representing immigrants and labor and […]

“It’s like choosing between an ice cream sandwich or a root canal”

That brilliant analogy comes thanks to Michelle Steinberg, who works tirelessly as the Public Policy Director of Planned Parenthood for Central and Northern Arizona.  I ran into her at the Heritage Dinner at the Wyndham earlier tonight.  We were talking about the upcoming collection and I had mused about why there are even any “undecided voters” […]

Choosing a County Attorney candidate is turning out to be like dating

I’m blogging from the Maricopa County Democratic Party Convention right now.   The statewide and countywide candidates were all given a chance to speak.   They were supposed to only take 3 minutes each, but being politicians, the time is measured in dog years so it took over an hour an hour and a half to get through three […]

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