Sarah Palin is creepy and dumber than a bag of hammers but you better be worried about her

First, the creepy part.   This Daily Kos piece should dispel any notion that Governor Palin is a nice harmless lady.   She belongs to a religious denomination that a friend of mine who is a rockribbed evangelical Christian considers to be “out on the fringe”.   This is scary stuff, folks.  Read the whole thing. Sarah Palin’s connections […]

Last Denver Diva Dispatch. And my take on the Palin choice

The closing night was amazing.  Just to check my perspective, I asked Attorney General (and Superdelegate) Terry Goddard how this convention stacked up against the many others (he’s not even sure of the number) he’s attended. He said it was the best. 84000 people packed the Mile High Stadium by the time Obama took the stage […]

Denver Diva Dispatch for Wednesday. Best Google Alert Of My Name Ever Edition.

“Yours is anal, I guess,” said Donna Gratehouse, an Arizonan… Don’t worry, it’s safe for work. Good night at the Convench. The coolest part was the roll call. Hillary was a class act. Bill Clinton was surprisingly brief (but unsurprisingly eloquent) and John Kerry said everything he should have said back in 2004. Joe Biden […]

Diva Dispatch for Tuesday. Catharsis ensued.

Hillary made it clear that she’s for Barack and brought the house down with a scathing condemnation of John McCain and a powerful statement of party unity.   I can say without equivocation that I am a Hillary Clinton fan today. And it was a pretty productive day for your Diva too.   I wore my Free […]

Diva Dispatch for Monday. Almost under the wire for AZ time.

It’s well known by now that the future First Lady blew the roof off the joint tonight with her speech.   I’m watching the MSNBC recap where the pundits can’t even hide their awe of the awesomenitude that is Michelle Obama.   I’m trying to imagine a scenario where Cindy McCain even approaches Michelle’s eloquence and passion.  It’s not coming […]

Donna’s Making the News Rounds

Donna’s quite the popular diva around here. She was on NPR last week, and today she was on 12 News. Go Donna! Others making the news are Dana and the diva of them all, Emerge Arizona (most recently in Gloria Feldt’s article in Elle magazine). Dana and Katie have branched off to their own delegate […]

The website is up!

In honor of a post I did a few weeks ago: Mark and I have created a website around the concept.  Obviously, we feel that Cindy McCain is a woman who is trapped in a bad marriage with an awful man.   We want to help her understand that she has other options.  We want […]

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