Arpaio, Unaccredited.

Seriously, he is.  Despite his protestations, in numerous ads that are polluting my TV viewing, about how Arpaio’s such a mensch who is saving taxpayer dollars through his thrifty tent gulags and he saves cute puppies too(!), the fact is that he is out of compliance with the National Commission on Correctional Health Care and they […]

My ballot proposition picks

I have actually had a few people ask me how to vote on the ballot initiatives. My recommendation is always to go and read all the info and make an informed choice. The next question is if there is an official Democratic Party position on them. Last Thursday, the Maricopa County Democratic Party Executive Committee […]

Russians Invade Alaska!

Ok, not really, but I am expecting some kind of disaster to happen in Alaska, maybe Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning, because the McCain campaign is that desperate to get Palin out of Thursday’s debate. I think all of the stuff McCain pulled last week about putting his campaign on hold and wanting to reschedule […]

What is this? Take Your Daughter To The Interview Day?

This is surreal.  John McCain and Sarah Palin double-teaming Katie Couric. This is actually worse than her painfully awkward solo performances with Couric last week. McCain admonishes Couric for asking poor widdle Sarah meanie questions and claims that she’s no dumber than other candidates who were governors. Like Ronald Reagan, who was a cowboy. Uh…huh? […]

GOP excuse for bailout not passing: Nancy Pelosi hurt our fee fees

I kid you not.  I just saw Reps. Boehner and Blunt at a press conference claiming that Republicans were all ready to vote for the bill until Pelosi made a “partisan” speech.   Which, if true, means that a substantial number of Republicans in Congress are far too emotionally unstable to serve in their positions.  Now […]

Generation Bailout

Under the hot lights of the debate set, the next president articulated his vision for America. Will the next president be the candidate who threatens things will get worse if he isn’t elected, or the candidate who looks straight into the camera to viewers in their homes and offices, and tells us in his own […]

Completely random debate post

Okay, I didn’t see that debate.  I was in South Tempe, watching the LD20 Clean Elections Debate.  Which bears little resemblence to a debate, even the watered-down soundbite format that constitutes the Presidential ones nowadays.  It’s a forum, where each candidate gets 2 minutes to answer the same question.  Typically, the moderators are careful to […]

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