It wasn’t “The Power of Barney Frank” after all.

It was “The Power of Yes”.  That was the slogan of WaMu a few years ago, when they were going gangbusters writing sketchy mortgages to unqualified borrowers.  The sordid saga is related in this NYT article, but some conservatives will still not let go of the blame-Democrats-and-poor-people fable they’ve constructed to explain how this mess cannot be the fault […]

Hail hail, light rail!

Sorry for the light posting recently. I rode the light rail on Saturday and will post pictures and more about the experience when I figure out how to download from my new camera and have a little more time. Hope everyone is having happy holidays. If I didn’t already invite you on facebook, come join […]

Happy holidays from London!

Hello folks, just wanted to drop a quick line to say happy holidays. My husband and I are visiting family in London and are heading to Rome tomorrow. Internet access for Krista has been a little shabby and not the highest on her list of priorities. However, I’m taking notes from my father-in-law on his […]

The thing about gay marriage…

It’s been a while since I’ve written.  I’ve had an post-election hangover of sorts and was attempting a news fast.  It hasn’t really worked, but I have cut down significantly.  One thing that has been eating at me, however, is the passage of Prop 8 in California and of 102 here in Arizona. I have […]

Talk amongst yourselves about the economy while I defer blogging.

I had no idea how popular we Divas are!  I attended the State Party holiday shindig at Don Biven’s law firm this evening.  Quite a few people expressed their disappointment at the lack of bloggage here lately.  In my own case, it’s not like there’s been a dearth of subjects to comment on, but some […]

State of Martyrdom

Doug MacEachern made a reasonable argument in his op-ed today.  Too bad he buried it far beneath a faux-victim complex and out-of-context finger pointing at the Democrats.  The object of his ire was a NY Times editorial: State of Fear. His central thesis – or at least the one I think he meant to have in his piece, since he […]

This is your state economy on (the War on) Drugs

I woke up this morning thinking about Arizona’s budget woes and why conservatives are always willing to take the hatchet to education, health, and social programs but never want to take a serious look at spending on corrections.   Arizona spends 9% of our general fund on prisons, “one of the highest proportions in the nation”. […]

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