Comprehensive sex ed: Because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but kids are entitled to the facts.

Abstinence-only sex ed is a pitch-perfect example of how conservatives take a worthy idea – “young people should probably wait until they are old enough to handle the physical and emotional consequences of sex” – and distort it into – “premarital sex is dirty, dangerous, and nasty and girls people who engage in it are ruined and disgusting.” If […]

Celebrate Roe v. Wade with Planned Parenthood

Special thanks to Donna for that informative blog post detailing the anti-choice agenda of our lovely legislators. If you’re as worked up as the rest of us, let me suggest you attend the Planned Parenthood luncheon on Friday, February 27th. It sounds like it’ll be a great event. I haven’t bought a ticket, but I’d […]

Where’s Dean-o?

and why isn’t his name being bandied about as a serious candidate for the director of Health and Human Services? It makes sense, doesn’t it? I mean, Howard Dean’s a man who has experience as a doctor and politician, and he knows the kind of grassroots organizing we need to talk to the public about […]

Republicans in the AZ Lege revere human life

In utero, that is.  The fabulous Michelle Steinberg of Planned Parenthood AZ sent me some fact sheets about the spate of heinous anti-choice bills on tap this session.  That conservative lawmakers are attacking access to reproductive health care for poor women is particularly sickening in light of the recent harsh cuts to social services and medical assistance they’ve proposed.  Seriously, […]

Porkulus peeves Paula Pennypacker

And could she possibly BE any more sneering and smug and self-righteous about it?  Sophomoric too. She giving redheads everywhere a bad name.  Here’s what Paula Pennypacker had to say in the Viewpoints section of the Republic today: Ok, it’s done. President Barack Obama has signed the largest spending bill in U.S. history. But make no mistake about this: This […]

Here’s a shock.

It’s gotten to be as inevitable as the sun rising in the east, but yet another conservative “grassroots” group has been outed as astroturf.  Oil money is behind the so-called ‘anti-stimulus movement’. Who is Americans for Prosperity? According to, the group was founded in 2003 with money from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, […]

Better trolls, please

To the person who posted the 4 nasty messages to me, I’d strongly suggest you get some help for your pathetic (and boring) Bill Clinton obsession. 

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