Might as well get in line now. Obama is scheduled to come to Phoenix next week.

Townhall to promote the stimulus package.  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29163714/ Will keep y’all posted on the details as I get them. 

Phoenix City Council replaces Stanton with desperately needed developer

From the Republic: The Phoenix City Council returned Ahwatukee developer Sal DiCiccio to the council on Tuesday, nine years after he stepped down from the decision-making body to run for Congress. DiCiccio beat out an unprecedented 21 other candidates to win the appointment to the vacant District 6 seat formerly held by Greg Stanton, the […]

Weeg’s Out

Word is that Maria Weeg will be resigning as state party executive director.


Just got an email from newly elected Democratic Party Chair Paul Eckerstrom that he is resigning. After being on the job for almost two weeks, I have realized that I cannot do justice to the job of chairman. It is more clear to me now than ever that this is close to a full-time job […]

Not wearing a jacket and tie in the Oval Office is SO disrespectful

Unless you are a Republican, that is.  IOKIYAR.  Shut up, Andy Card.

No, you’re not just imagining things.

What Digby said: If I didn’t follow politics closely, I would think these people are the ones who won the election. It’s a sad, sad day when Fox(!) is exhibiting the closest thing resembling parity in coverage. H/T to Think Progress for the chart.

Bye American

From PoliGazette: Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican minority leader in the chamber, urged President Barack Obama to get rid of the so-called “Buy American” clause in his economic stimulus plan. McConnell’s words came shortly after key allies responded with outrage to the Democratic proposal. warned earlier Monday that US protectionism “can only trigger retaliatory action.” Like […]

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