Howdy from Texas!

I’m here in McKinney, TX, which is on the outskirts of Dallas.  My hotel is right off of George Bush Hwy, and slightly down the road from an intersection called, I swear to God,  Bush St. and Laura Rd.   Still, it’s a nice little town and the people are friendly.   I owe y’all a final post on the leaked […]

Too busy getting ready for a business trip to do the final post today but here’s the memo.

Republican cuts memo At a couple of Dem events this weekend there was a lot of buzz about an expected Arizona Republic piece on Monday about the memo but you can read it now.  (Your Diva was temporarily technologically impaired or else I would have had it up earlier). 

Bad ideas Part III.

Tonight’s installment of craptastic examples of Arizona conservatives trying to “think” concerns education.    It’s been obvious for some time that the rabid extreme fringe of the AZ GOP is deeply, deeply concerned with dismantling public education the state of public education.   So it’s not surprising that a good number of the 57 ideas that come under […]

More (mostly) bad ideas from the mean people. Part II.

Here are some choice statements from the memo.  Italics mine, of course. Cities/Counties  P3s for Highway Projects  (I assume P3 is public-private partnerships.  Toll roads, anyone?) Promote local manufacturing base by giving LOCAL manufacturers a 5% bid preference in the bidding process (Hey, that one’s okay!) Cities – take anything we can (Invasion of the Revenue Snatchers – Coming […]

Republicans are people too. Mean people with bad ideas. Part I

I got a copy of a 12 page memo suggesting various cuts to state programs.  It looks like some kind of brainstorming session where GOP legislators blurted out whatever rude thing they’d been thinking but wasn’t suitable to say in public….oh hell what am I saying?  They’ve never been shy about expressing their rude thoughts.  But now they’re […]

Does a business have the right to deny legal tender?

I twittered about this on Friday and got some interesting responses on Twitter and facebook and thought it made a good conversation piece. The basic situation: I was trying to leave a parking garage and pulled up to the booth to pay. I remembered that I only had a $50, so I apologized to the […]

Please don’t feed the corporate talking points on the bonus tax

Good grief, people, it’s bad enough that the conservatives are caterwauling but Democrats like Rep. Harry Mitchell and even some liberal bloggers (who should know better) are succumbing to the corporatist-enabling frame that a 90% on bonuses paid out of tax money is not only unconstitutional, but unfairly singles out a specific group of people (AIG execs). […]

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