Amnesty Amnesia is a prerequisite to entry into the New Cult of Reagan

Hat tip to Tedski for posting GOP legislative rankings from the Pachyderm Coalition.    They evaluated lawmakers using a formula that calculated each one’s relative adherence to the canons of St. Ronald of Reagan via a weighting system:  Summary of criteria used to weight bills: 1) Supports US Constitution 2) Supports Republican Party Platform 3) Supports individual / private […]

I have a better idea for those AIG execs.

Senator Charles Grassley (R-Horse’s Ass) got himself in some hot water for his suggestion that AIG bonus-grubbers “resign” or “go commit suicide” Japanese-style.   Aside from evoking suicide, way to diss the Land of the Rising Sun!  Stereotype much, Chuck?   Other members of Congress, though not as bloodthirsty as Grassley, are weighing the idea of taxing the bonuses at confiscatory rates.   This […]

Mighty white of them

Yesterday the AZ Repuplic informed me that the concern that some DC pols have with Sheriff Arpaio’s immigration sweeps is underwritten by their self-serving African-American-ness.  Arpaio also is drawing criticism from the Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee, where partisanship often flares. But here, too, observers say Rep. John Conyers Jr., D-Mich., the panel’s chairman, is motivated […]

Arpaio under Federal investigation

I just got a copy of a letter to Sheriff Arpaio by Acting Assistant Attorney General Loretta King.   She informs him that her office is investigating him for: “alleged patterns or practices of discriminatory police practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures conducted by the MCSO, and on allegations of national origin discrimination, including failure to […]

The Republic’s slippery slope to dishonesty

This morning’s Republic warns readers against a piece of legislation that, in the fevered imaginations of the editorial staff, will wreak untold devastation on an already “shaky” economy: The EFCA, or “card check” legislation, may be a boon to the union supporters who spent $450 million in behalf of Democrats in the past election cycle. But […]

As usual, Joe Arpaio demonstrates that no one gets between him and the camera.

There really oughtta be a picture of him aside the word ‘narcissist’ in every dictionary.   MSNBC did a report on Charles Barkley’s 3 day stint in Tent City, and sure enough, in the footage of the tracksuit clad former basketball star lumbering about the yard of the facility, there did appear the combover’d pate of Maricopa County’s attention-hungry strutting […]

Who’s on Twitter?

If you want to know what your elected officials are saying, what better way to find out than to follow them on Twitter? Here’s a list to guide you on your way. Arizona Senators on Twitter: Republican Senator John McCain is SenJohnMcCain. Arizona Congresspeople on Twitter: Democratic Congressman Harry Mitchell is HarryMitchell (Congressional District 5). […]

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