BRB with a post about the Republican Town Hall.

It was long and I’m very tired. I’ll have a post about it tomorrow.

Andrei Cherny announces for State Treasurer. Which enrages Howie Fischer for some reason.

At 10:30 this morning on the steps of the State Capitol, Andrei Cherny stood with his wife Stephanie and baby son and addressed an appreciative crowd of supporters, including this here Diva. Stephanie introduced Andrei, and he followed with a brief speech outlining his plans to use the office of Treasurer to guide policies that […]

GOP Legislator “Town Hall” is a ruse for a Maricopa Republican Fundraiser

Listen, I’ve been to, and participated in, many a political fundraiser, and I know the drill.   You make sure to get the table Right. In. Front. Of. The. Door.  So people have to fill out the check before they even get into the event.   Believe you me, there are some old gals in the Democratic Party here who are not afraid […]

Where the teabag mobs will be in Arizona

So Fox News set up these Tea Parties on April 15th across the nation, where protesters are going to be venting their everyman and everywoman outrage at…millionaires getting their taxes raised to what they were under Clinton.  Don’t try to make sense of that. These are people who get their news from Fox.  Apparently some Fox anchors were incensed that other networks […]

MOTHERS Act – does anyone know about this?

Yesterday I received an urgent email asking me to contact my Senators and tell them to vote no on the MOTHERS Act (aka Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act or S. 324). The information contained in the email indicated that this bill is nothing more than a feeder for the pharmaceutical industry and that it would […]

Lots of people want to be Governor

I make it a regular habit to check campaign committee filings (because I have nothing better to do), but I haven’t in a while, so I was surprised when I looked today and found several people have filed committees for Governor. Timothy Willis (exploratory), Republican, Wickenberg – wins for earliest filed (11/6/08) and best committee name […]

Part IV of the Mean People with Bad Ideas Memo, memo.

Hidy ho Divas and Diva-boosters! Been crazy busy with the new J-O-B this past week.   In fact, they’re flying me to Vegas for 2 days to do some more training in the field.   But I haven’t forgotten my Arizona peeps, especially with all this hoozywhatsit going down over the budget cuts and stimulus funds and Tom […]

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