Homegrown terrorist strikes in Kansas

Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed in church in Wichita this morning.   Dr. Tiller was the only provider of late-term abortions in the state, and one of few in the nation, and had been the target of threats and harassment for years.  Someone finally got to him.   And since the shooting was most likely […]

More on Brewer “Plan”

So, this Guardian article I posted yesterday about the end-run around the legislature really made it sound like this was coming out of the Governor’s Office, but apparently it’s not. An article in the AZ Republic today makes it clear that this strategy is being pushed by Building a Better Arizona 2012 (aka HighGround). I still […]

Where did the leaders go and who are these yahoos in charge?

Breaking news from the AZ Guardian this afternoon: Memo: Brewer plans end run around Legislature, $225,000 media blitz Gov. Jan Brewer is declaring war on the Legislature over the state budget. Beginning next week, the governor will go directly to voters in targeted districts with a sweeping $225,000 publicity campaign urging support of her budget proposals, according to […]

Oh yeah? Well we’re rubber and you’re glue

I thought it was joke when I read this in Politico this morning but apparently it’s not. The RNC is calling a super duper double-secret-probation AND decoder ring extra special session to…rename the Democratic Party the “Democrat Socialist Party”. What’s more, the mature adults of the RNC don’t care what their Chair, Micheal Steele, thinks […]

Maricopa County hearts Terry Goddard

Local politicos are buzzing about a poll conducted in Maricopa County in late April. Great news for Terry Goddard: CURRENT READINGS FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL TERRY GODDARD Exc/Gd Fair Poor/VP No Opinion Total population 38 31 13 18 Registered voters 42 31 11 16 Republicans 45 27 14 14 Independents 32 38 10 20 Democrats 43 […]

Speed limits are man’s law but IOKIYAR is God’s law.

Let’s review: IOKIYAR So Andrew Thomas hasn’t decided if he wants to prosecute hot-rodder Brett Mecum or not. Mecum was allegedly snapped doing 109mph by photo radar on the 101 back in April but since Republicans ought never be held responsible for anything they do, ever, some of his supporters have characterized his arrest as […]

FYI to Trolls

When you comment using a fake email address it gets stuck in the moderation queue. That means it could be several hours or even days before you will be able to enjoy your scathing bon mots. Use a real email address and you will see them immediately. Of course, that will make it harder for […]

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