Nancy Barto makes a possible Freudian slip.

Either that or one of her staffers should give her some coaching on the difference between “lobbyists” and “bureaucrats”. “HCR2014 is proactive and will protect patients’ fundamental rights,” Arizona State Rep. Nancy Barto, a Republican, said in a statement. “We are a front-line battle state to stop the momentum of this powerful government takeover of […]

To the two men, one conservative and the other liberal, who called me “rude” today.

I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat, or a prostitute. Rebecca West – 1913 Just sayin’.

Stellar idea, this flat tax.

The Daily Star (bless their hearts) has an article by Howie Fischer (bless his heart) up about the possible costs of the supposedly “revenue neutral” flat tax piece of the pending budget and the blatant b.s. peddled by its proponents. House Speaker Kirk Adams, R-Mesa, said using a different starting point to compute Arizona taxes […]

How about we “reinvent” some competent leadership?

I had ignored Chad Graham’s “New career path: Reinvention” in the Republic this morning because I assmumed it would be yet another regurgitation of the retrain-retool-reschool-rebrand-yourself-for-the-new-economy trope. As I idly picked up the front page section that was sitting on the couch next to me and scanned the article I found was right. I really […]

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Shock Doctrine, Arizona style

Yesterday I titled my post “Mayberry Milton Friedmans”. Some context is needed because not everyone knows who Friedman was, or the influence this evil little superannuated Ayn Rand dweeb continues to exert over conservative economic thinking (though it’s doubtful the average conservative can tell you who he is) and how millions of people in the […]

Mayberry Milton Friedmans

OMG. Per this afternoon’s Guardian: Senate President Bob Burns told his Republican caucus today that the agreement, reached at about 1 a.m., includes passage of the GOP budget bills with trailers that reflect compromises on budget cuts and other issues, a flat income tax rate that would replace the graduated income tax, and a temporary […]

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