Thoughts on Governor Sanford

I was working from home this morning so I caught Mark Sanford’s press conference. I sat there, jaws agape and actually feeling slightly sympathetic to the guy as he awkwardly admitted to an affair with an Argentinian friend. He mentioned his religion and “God’s law” numerous times, as if it had the power to inoculate […]

Russell Pearce: Still practicin’ his love on women across the land.

From today’s Republic: “It is something Arizona women deserve,” said Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa. “And besides that, it is something those babies deserve. That’s a live person.” He’s referring to HB2564, which would mandate a 24 hour waiting period prior to an abortion, require minors to get notorized parental permission for an abortion, and allow […]

It takes one to know one, Russell

Per today’s AZ Guardian: • Passed SB 1088, 22-7, which expands the definition of domestic violence to include anyone in a romantic relationship. Mesa Sen. Russell Pearce voted against the so-called “scum-bag boyfriend bill,” saying he thinks domestic violence should be limited to married couples. The bills sponsor, Tucson Sen. Jonathan Paton said “parents and […]

What if Iran had a revolution and didn’t even invite us?

I hear that Bill Bennett said on his radio show this morning that the impetus behind the massive protests in Iran is the envy of Iranians over the awesome freedom that Iraqis now enjoy thanks to the glorious success of our invasion and occupation. Oddly enough, I saw that account of Bennett’s statement on the […]

Get ready for a nice property tax increase, Arizonans.

This OpEd, from the Arizona Association of Assessing Officers, was published in the Camp Verde Bugle yesterday. A little-discussed provision of budget reconciliation bill SB1036 would amount to a significant transfer of the property tax burden for bonds and overrides from businesses and land owners to home owners: 22. Sets the assessment ratio for all […]

I’m speechless at this

When bad corporate stoogery happens to good scientists

I had eagerly anticipated yesterday’s Nucleus Club luncheon. The speaker was Dr. William Harris, President and CEO of the Arizona Science Foundation. The Foundation’s funding (naturally) is in jeopardy because of the budget crunch and the fact that the Legislature is in the hands of reactionaries who don’t cotton much to science. So I went […]

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